Nordic Mist

Nordic Mist
Type drink mixer
Manufacturer Coca-Cola
Country of origin United States
Introduced 1992
Related products Clearly Canadian

Nordic Mist is a line of soft drink mixers by The Coca-Cola Company sold in Belgium, Chile, Finland, Guinea-Bissau, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Spain.[1]


Nordic Mist was introduced to New York City, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia in September 1992. It was the result of a team working under Mary Minnick to develop beverages to compete in the growing low-carbohydrate, healthier soft drink market.[2] Nordic Mist was created more specifically to compete with Clearly Canadian, a brand of sparkling water quickly growing in popularity at the time.[3] At its debut it was available in five flavors - black cherry, raspberry, peach, pineapple, and kiwi-pineapple-guava.[4] Chile saw the arrival of Nordic Mist in 1997, distributed there by Embotelladora Andina.[5][6]

Nordic Mist was introduced to Spain in 2000. In less than three years Coca-Cola enjoyed a 17% share of the tonic water market.[7]



Nordic Mist has achieved almost cult status as the best mixer for gin & tonic with various Facebook pages [8] and blogs [9] requesting its export to other countries where it is not currently available.

In German slang, the word "Mist" (literally translated: manure) is used as a mild expletive. The closest approximation in English could be "crap". The way Nordic is written on the logo, with an O with a slash (Ø), pronounces exactly like Nerdic in Norwegian and Danish. This might be the reason why it never was launched in Scandinavian countries.

The mixer was produced by a team headed by Mary Minnick and was nicknamed "Wolf Sweat" by some senior Coke executives.

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