Nimba National Forest

Nimba National Forest
Mount Nimba Forest Reserves

Landscape in the neighborhood of Mount Nimba, Guinea
Location Nimba County, Liberia
Coordinates 7°30′00″N 8°30′00″W / 7.50000°N 8.50000°W / 7.50000; -8.50000Coordinates: 7°30′00″N 8°30′00″W / 7.50000°N 8.50000°W / 7.50000; -8.50000
Area 187 square kilometres (72 sq mi)

Nimba National Forest is a national forest in Nimba County, Liberia. The forest, which borders Guniea and Côte d'Ivoire, has east and west sections that cover 95.91 km² and 91.46 km² respectively. It is also known as the Mount Nimba Forest Reserves.


It is thought that the reserves supported populations of chimpanzees before the civil war, and local people report that populations increased in those areas during the war. However, these regions have been heavily impacted by factional fighting, resource extraction and civil displacements over the past 15 years (Kormos et al. 2003)


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