NewsML 1

NewsML 1 is an XML standard designed to provide a media-independent, structural framework for multimedia news. It was formerly known as NewsML.

NewsML 1 was developed by and is a registered trademark of the IPTC.

It has also been adopted as Japanese Industry Standard (JIS) X7201:2005 under the original NewsML name.

Although superseded in 2008 by NewsML-G2, NewsML 1 remains popular outside North America (especially in Asia) and is still supported by the IPTC.

NewsML 1 is not a text or image format; it has no way to mark paragraphs or headlines, for example. Instead, it is an envelope and organizer for one or more files (or links to files) of almost any type. For text formatting, IPTC recommends the News Industry Text Format (NITF).

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