New Zealand Solo Championship

The New Zealand Solo Championship is an annual individual motorcycle speedway championship. The championship has been running since 1929 though it has only been running each year since 1958.

Unless stated, all riders are from New Zealand

Winners since 1929

Year Venue Winners Runner-up 3rd place
1929 Kilbirnie Dave Managh
1930 Kilbirnie Alf Mattson Harry Mangham Eddie Naylor
1931 Western Springs Stadium Alf Mattson Wally Kilmister
1932 Not Held
1933 Monica Park Charlie Blacklock Norm Grey
1934 Not Held
1935 Not Held
1936 Monica Park Wally Kilmister Wally Rhodes
1937 Not Held
1938 Not Held
1939 Not Held
1940 Not Held
1941 Western Springs Stadium Charlie Buchanan Ron Seed Henry Falls
1942-1944 Not Held due to World War II
1945 Western Springs Stadium Jack Hunt Ron Seed Norman Morgan
1946 Western Springs Stadium Len Perry Norman Morgan George Mudgway
1947 Western Springs Stadium Gil Craven (England) Harold Fairhurst George Mudgway
1948 Western Springs Stadium Jack Hunt Len Perry Alf Clarkin
1949 Palmerston North Showgrounds Harold Fairhurst Gil Craven (England) Bruce Abernethy
1950 Wellington Bruce Abernethy Alf Clarkin Trevor Redmond
1951 Aranui Speedway Bruce Abernethy Jack Parker (England) Peter Dykes
1952 Tahuna Park Ron Johnston Mick Holland Maury Dunn / Norman Parker (England)
1953 Not Held
1954 Western Springs Stadium Harold Fairhurst Merv Neil Gerald Jackson (England)
1955 Not Held
1956 Aranui Speedway Ronnie Moore Eric Williams (Wales) Ron Mountford (England)
1957 Not Held
1958 Rotorua Maury Dunn Jules Benson Goog Allen
1959 Rotorua Barry Briggs Ivan Mauger Len Jelaca
1960 Western Springs Stadium Ray New Maury Dunn Bryce Subritzky
1961 Rotorua Ray New Maury Dunn Bob Anderson
1962 Palmerston North Showgrounds Ronnie Moore Merv Neil Ken McKinlay (Scotland)
1963 Palmerston North Showgrounds Barry Briggs Ronnie Moore Geoff Mardon
1964 Western Springs Stadium Geoff Mardon Peter Moore (Australia) Bob Andrews
1965 Ruapuna Speedway Murray Burt Allan Brown Jack Hart
1966 Waiwakaiho Speedway Bob Andrews Murray Burt Bryce Subritzky
1967 Ruapuna Speedway Howard Cole (England) Doug Templeton (Scotland) Ronnie Moore
1968 Ruapuna Speedway Ronnie Moore Frank Shuter Bob Andrews
1969 Palmerston North Showgrounds Ronnie Moore Bob Andrews Goog Allen / Bill Andrew / Howard Cole
1970 Western Springs Stadium Chris Bailey (England) Bill Andrew Bryce Subritzky
Year Venue Winners Runner-up 3rd place
1971 Ruapuna Speedway Frank Shuter Allan Brown Roger Wright
1972 Ruapuna Speedway Bruce Cribb Roger Wright Graeme Stapleton
1973 Western Springs Stadium Gary Peterson Bob Andrews Graeme Stapleton
1974 Ruapuna Speedway Ivan Mauger Ronnie Moore Barry Briggs
1975 Palmerston North Showgrounds Dave Morton (England) John Davis (England) Craig Pendlebury (England)
1976 Meeanee Speedway Larry Ross Colin Farquharson Paul Church
1977 Stratford Speedway Larry Ross Graeme Stapleton Robin Adlington
1978 Penlee Speedway Larry Ross Barry Briggs Mike Fullerton
1979 Ruapuna Speedway Larry Ross Mitch Shirra Ivan Mauger
1980 Western Springs Stadium Larry Ross David Bargh Tony Briggs
Year Venue Winners Runner-up 3rd place
1981 Meeanee Speedway Ivan Mauger Mitch Shirra Larry Ross
1982 Western Springs Stadium Mitch Shirra John Goodall David Bargh
1983 Ruapuna Speedway Mitch Shirra Larry Ross David Bargh
1984 Penlee Speedway Mitch Shirra Larry Ross David Bargh
1985 Ruapuna Speedway Larry Ross Alan Mason Roger Wright
1986 Awapundi Speedway David Bargh Larry Ross Mitch Shirra
1987 Western Springs Stadium David Bargh Mitch Shirra Larry Ross
1988 Ruapuna Speedway Larry Ross David Bargh Gary Allan
1989 Western Springs Stadium Larry Ross Gary Allan Mark Thorpe
1990 Ruapuna Speedway Larry Ross Mark Thorpe Craig Wilkie
Year Venue Winners Runner-up 3rd place
1991 Awapundi Speedway David Bargh Chris Martin Mark Thorpe
1992 Meeanee Speedway Gary Allan Mark Thorpe Paul Atkins
1993 Ruapuna Speedway Mark Thorpe Mark Lyndon Andy Walker
1994 Stratford Speedway Mark Thorpe Tony Nagel Mark Jamieson
1995 Kihikihi Speedway Andy Walker Nathan Murray Robert Davidson
1996 Ruapuna Speedway Mark Thorpe Graham Hartshorne Mark Jamieson
1997 Stratford Speedway Chris Penny Robert Price Graham Hartshorne
1998 Meeanee Speedway Paul Atkins Mark Jamieson Michael Long
1999 Ruapuna Speedway Mark Jamieson Andy Walker David Bargh
2000 Awapundi Speedway Dave Bargh Kris Jemmet Sean Cox
Year Venue Winners Runner-up 3rd place
2001 Ruapuna Speedway Graham Hartshorne Daniel McKinlay Scott Boyce
2002 Kihikihi Speedway Andrew Appleton (England) Nathan Murray Graham Hartshorne
2003 Ruapuna Speedway Sam Taylor Blair McKinlay John Tuffley
2004 Te Marua Speedway Jason Bunyan (England) Simone Terenzani (Italy) Craig Ramsay
2005 Awapundi Speedway Jason Bunyan (England) Glen Phillips (England) Attila Stefani (Hungary)
2006 Rosebank Speedway Jason Bunyan (England) Mattia Carpanese (Italy) Daniele Tessari (Italy)
2007 Powerbuilt Speedway at Ruapuna Park Andrew Bargh Dale Finch Jason Bunyan (England)
2008 Oreti Park Speedway Jason Bunyan (England) Larry Ross Andrew Bargh
2009 Arena Manawatu Jason Bunyan (England) Jade Mudgway Larry Ross
2010 Oreti Park Speedway Jason Bunyan (England) Grant Tregoning Larry Ross
Year Venue Winners Runner-up 3rd place
2011 Rosebank Speedway Grant Tregoning Jason Bunyan (England) Ritchie Hawkins (England)
2012 Moore Park Speedway Jason Bunyan (England) Grant Tregoning Dale Finch
2013 Rosebank Speedway Jason Bunyan (England) Dale Finch Sean Mason
2014 Oreti Park Speedway Jason Bunyan (England) Grant Tregoning Sean Mason
2015[1] Moore Park Speedway James Sarjeant (England) Hayden Sims Dale Finch
2016 Rosebank Speedway Jason Bunyan (England) Bradley Wilson Dean Sean Mason

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