New York State government holidays

There are twelve observed New York State holidays for state employees. Under the Attendance Rules, a holiday that falls on a Sunday is observed on the following Monday. Lincoln's Birthday and Election Day are deemed floating holidays and can optionally be observed on a later date. A holiday is observed by employees scheduled to work that day; it is not available as a regular or floating holiday for other employees.

New York State holiday name 2015 2016 2017
New Year's Day Thursday, January 1 Friday, January 1 Monday, January 2 (observed)
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Monday, January 19 Monday, January 18 Monday, January 16
Lincoln's Birthday Thursday, February 12 (float) Friday, February 12 (float) Monday, February 13 (observed, float)
Washington's Birthday (Observed) Monday, February 16 Monday, February 15 Monday, February 20
Memorial Day Monday, May 25 Monday, May 30 Monday, May 29
Independence Day Saturday, July 4 Monday, July 4 Tuesday, July 4
Labor Day Monday, September 7 Monday, September 5 Monday, September 4
Columbus Day Monday, October 12 Monday, October 10 Monday, October 9
Election Day Tuesday, November 3 (float) Tuesday, November 8 (float) Tuesday, November 7 (float)
Veterans' Day Wednesday, November 11 Friday, November 11 Saturday, November 11
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 26 Thursday, November 24 Thursday, November 23
Christmas Day Friday, December 25 Monday, December 26 (observed) Monday, December 25

Additional New York City holidays

In addition to the official New York state holidays, New York City schools also receive the following holidays:[1]

The reasoning behind the additional holidays is said to be to recognize the cultural diversity of the city where "... homes where over 185 languages are spoken and more than 42 percent of the students come from homes where English is not the primary language."[2]


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