New Europeans

New Europeans
Motto "We the citizens, the men and women of Europe, have united for the better"
Founded 2013
Type NGO
Official language
Roger Casale

New Europeans is a pan-Europe pro-European Union (EU) civil society organisation founded in June 2013 by former Member of the British Parliament (MP) for Wimbledon, Roger Casale. Founded and based in the United Kingdom, the organisation seeks to expand across Europe. New Europeans campaigns for the promotion of European values, the protection of European's rights, and fixing the information asymmetry that exists with regards to the European Union. Above all, New Europeans seeks to engage the people of Europe and provide a platform for EU citizens.


New Europeans was founded in June 2013 by former MP for Wimbledon, Roger Casale, as a response to growing euroscepticism in the United Kingdom and across Europe.[1] The organisation was officially launched at the House of Commons with "cross-party parliamentary support" on June 18, 2013.[2] New Europeans has since formed partnerships and engaging in a range of activities to further the organisation's objectives.


New Europeans "are working to change the narrative on migration, champion our rights to free movement and make the value and importance of European citizenship more widely felt in our everyday lives".[3] The organisation has been involved in multiple campaigns seeking to defend the rights of European citizens and promote the values of the European Union, whilst trying to get as many Europeans involved in the debate as possible. While much of New Europeans' focus lies on the United Kingdom, the organisation and its members seek to expand throughout Europe and have engaged with issues that affect both Brits and other Europeans[4]

In its mission statement, New Europeans outlines four major goals: promoting the value and benefits of EU citizenship, protecting Europeans' political and social rights, encouraging Europeans to participate in all aspects of civic life, and getting Europeans involved in articulating the future direction of the European Union.[5]


New Europeans has collaborated with other European groups and institutions such as European Citizens Abroad and Europeans Throughout the World to promote European values and rights.[6] These collaborations have allowed for the establishment of various campaigns such as VoteAbroad, Changing the Narrative, VoteDenied, and Free Movement Rights,[7] all of which are intended to support 'New Europeans' and encourage them to get actively involved with European politics, society, and culture.

New Europeans has also been engaged in programmes, such as Community Voices, the Talking Europe Project, and the Connecting Citizens Project. The aim of these projects is to guarantee the fundamental rights of Europeans and understand how Europeans in Britain engage with the EU at a grassroots level.[8][9]

New Europeans is a member of the European Civic Forum (ECF) and was nominated as NGO of the Year in the ECF's Democratic Citizenship Awards.[10]

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