Nereus Pharmaceuticals

Nereus Pharmaceuticals
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Founded San Diego, California, United States (1988)
Founder Michael A. Palladino, Kobi M. Sethna, Stan Fleming, William Fenical
Headquarters San Diego, California, United States
Key people
Michael A. Palladino Ph.D.(Scientific Co-founder, SVP and Chief Technology Officer) Kobi M. Sethna (President, CEO)[1]
Gary Shearman (Chairman of the Board)[2]
Number of employees

Nereus Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development of natural products from marine microbial and other natural sources into small molecule human therapeutics.[4] The major disease area addressed by Nereus is cancer. As of 2008, Nereus has no marketed products and its operating funds have been secured through several rounds of preferred stock sales.[3]

Drug discovery

Until 2004, Nereus used methods licensed from the University of California, San Diego to retrieve and cultivate marine microorganisms, particularly bacteria in the Actinobacteria class and organisms belonging to Kingdom Fungi.[4] Since 2004, the company has focused on commercializing identified bioactive natural products.[4] As of mid-2007, two compounds were being examined in Phase I clinical trials: NPI-2358 and NPI-0052.[4]


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