Nelly Sachs Prize

The Nelly Sachs Prize (German:Nelly Sachs Preis) is a literary prize given every two years by the German city of Dortmund. Named after the Jewish poet Nelly Sachs, the prize includes a cash award of 15,000. It honours authors for outstanding literary contributions to the promotion of understanding between peoples.[1][2]

Because there were not enough funds to honour an awardee in 2009, the prize was awarded in 2010. This was the first time that a year was skipped in the biennial schedule.[3]


Year Awardee Country
1961 Nelly Sachs Sweden
1963 Johanna Moosdorf Germany
1965 Max Tau Norway
1967 Alfred Andersch Switzerland
1969 Giorgio Bassani Italy
1971 Ilse Aichinger Austria
1973 Paul Schallück Germany
1975 Elias Canetti England
1977 Hermann Kesten United States
1979 Erich Fromm Germany
1981 Horst Bienek Germany
1983 Hilde Domin Germany
1985 Nadine Gordimer South Africa
1987 Milan Kundera France
1989 Andrzej Szczypiorski Poland
1991 David Grossman Israel
1993 Juan Goytisolo Spain
1995 Michael Ondaatje Canada
1997 Javier Marías Spain
1999 Christa Wolf Germany
2001 Georges-Arthur Goldschmidt France
2003 Per Olov Enquist Sweden
2005 Aharon Appelfeld Israel
2007 Rafik Schami Syria/Germany
2010 Margaret Atwood Canada[4]
2011 Norman Manea Romania[5]
2013 Abbas Khider Iraq/Germany
2015 Marie NDiaye France[6]


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