Nebraska Holocaust Memorial

The Nebraska Holocaust Memorial is in Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. It was dedicated on April 15, 2007 and serves for remembrance and education. This memorial is dedicated to the men, women, and children who died in the Holocaust, created by Nazi Germany during World War II. This memorial also honors the survivors and liberators of the Holocaust.

Within the Memorial is a set of stones that surround the "Star of Remembrance" monument. These stones represent the 11 million people who were murdered by the Nazis and their allies. Within the "Sea of Stones" are bricks with the names of individuals murdered in the Holocaust. Other sections of the Memorial include the "Wall of Remembrance" with pictures from the Holocaust and a Butterfly Garden in memory of the one and a half million children murdered in the Holocaust.

Nebraska picked the memorial to be in this cemetery because it is the nation's only state cemetery, and, though located in Lincoln, Nebraska, represents the entire state. Rich, poor, famous and infamous individuals killed in all the nation's wars (including the Civil War), as well as former slaves, are buried at Wyuka.

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In 2011 the Nebraska Holocaust Museum received the Rising Star Award from the Nebraska Land Foundation on Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is May 1.[1]



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