Nattakurinji is a raga (musical scale) in Carnatic music. It is an audava janya raga of 28th Melakarta raga Harikambhoji. This raga is good to sing in evenings.[1] It is used both in Hindustani and Carnatic music.[1][2][3]

Structure and Lakshana

Nattakurinji and is an asymmetric rāgam is said to have three types of ascending (arohana) and descending scales (avarohana).[2] In practice all 3 types of arohana and avarohana, as well as other usages (prayogas) are found. Its ārohaṇa-avarohaṇa structure (one ascending and descending scale) is as follows:[1]

The notes used in this scale are shadjam, chathusruthi rishabham, antara gandhara, chathusruthi dhaivatham and kaisiki nishadham in ascending scale, with rishabham excluded in descending scale. For the details of the notations and terms, see swaras in Carnatic music.

Popular compositions

There are many compositions set to Nattakurinji rāgam. Some of the popular compositions are:

Film songs

song language film
valkanneshuthi malayalam njangal santhustaranu
thira nurayum malayalam anantabhadram
Kannamoochi yenada Tamil Kandukonden kandukonden


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