National symbols of Cambodia

The national symbols of Cambodia includes the ancient monument of Angkor Wat, the national flag, the national anthem, and the national emblem and royal arms. In 2005, the Kingdom of Cambodia designated seven flora and fauna as national symbols in an effort to promote nationalism and protection and conservation of these plants and animals.[1]

The sugar palm, Borassus flabellifer, and Angkor Wat are two symbols of Cambodia; the latter is also portrayed on the flag of Cambodia.

National symbols

Angkor Wat

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Angkor Wat (Khmer: អង្គរវត្ត) is a temple complex at Angkor, Cambodia, built for the king Suryavarman II in the early 12th century as his state temple and capital city. It appears in the national flag of Cambodia and as is often used as a symbol in print, signs, and media.

Flag of Cambodia

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National anthem of Cambodia

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"Nokor Reach" (Khmer: បទនគររាជ; Royal Kingdom) is the national anthem of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It was based on a Cambodian folk tune and written by Chuon Nath, the anthem was originally adopted in 1941 and reconfirmed in 1947, around the time of independence from France. In 1970, the monarchy was abolished, thereby replacing the anthem as well. After the communist victory in 1975, former royalist symbols, including "Nokor Reach", were reinstated for a short while. The Khmer Rouge then replaced it with Dap Prampi Mesa Chokchey ("Glorious Seventeenth of April"). After the royalist party FUNCINPEC defeated the former communists (Cambodian People's Party) in the 1993 elections, the royalist anthem was restored.

Emblem of Cambodia

List of officially designated flora and fauna

Borassus flabellifer, the national tree
(Khmer: ត្នោត, tnaôt, lit. 'palm tree')
Mitrella mesnyi, the national flower
(រំដួល, rumduŏl)
Lady Finger banana, the national fruit
(ចេកពងមាន់, chék pông moăn, lit. 'chicken-egg banana')
Giant barb, the national fish
(ត្រីគល់រាំង, trei kól reăng)
Royal turtle, the national reptile
(អណ្ដើកហ្លួង, ândaeuk luŏng, lit. 'royal turtle')
Giant ibis, the national bird
(ត្រយ៉ង, trâyâng)
Kouprey, the national mammal
(គោព្រៃ, koŭ prey, lit. 'wild cattle')

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