National Premier Leagues NSW

National Premier Leagues NSW
Country Australia
Founded 2013
2000–2012 (as NSW Premier League)
1992–2000 (as Super League)
1983–1991 (as Division One)
1978–1982 (as Super League)
1956–1977 (as Division One)
Number of teams 12
Level on pyramid 2
Relegation to NPL NSW 2
Domestic cup(s) FFA Cup
Waratah Cup
Current premiers Sydney United 58 FC (2016)
2016 Football NSW season

The National Premier Leagues NSW a semi-professional soccer competitions in New South Wales, Australia. The competition is conducted by Football NSW, the organising body in New South Wales (the other being the National Premier Leagues Northern NSW organised by Northern NSW Football). The league is a subdivision of the second tier National Premier Leagues (NPL), which sits below the national A-League. Prior to becoming a subdivision of the NPL in 2013, the league was previously known as the NSW Premier League.

As of 2012, all matches have been filmed and a weekly highlights package has been made available online, while the Grand Final has been streamed live through Football NSW since 2013.



Since 1956, a top divisional New South Wales based league has been contested annually in various forms, with its early days remembered as Division One. The league, jointly with other state based leagues, were the highest tiers of soccer in Australia until the formation of a national league, the National Soccer League (NSL), in 1977. Prior to NSL, the Ampol Cup also ran concurrently as a state based cup competition. In 1977 Division One officially changed its name to NSW State League, however reverted to NSW Division One by 1983. The league continued to be contested throughout the winter months and included another name change in 1992 to the NSW Super League. During the 1980s and 1990s, Melita Eagles and Blacktown City FC were dominate in the league winning nine championships between them.


At the end of 2000, the top football divisions were revamped with the highest level of football being named the Premier League and being played over summer to align with the then top tier of football in Australia (NSL). The second highest NSW league was named the Winter Super League and played throughout 2001. The 2004–05 season saw the return of the New South Wales NSL giants in Sydney Olympic, Sydney United 58, Wollongong Wolves and Marconi Stallions.[1] This was the result of another overhaul of the entire national league structure. The NSL was abolished and the A-League took its place at the top of the soccer hierarchy in Australia. As this competition significantly reduced the teams from New South Wales to just three (Sydney FC, Central Coast Mariners and Newcastle Jets) these clubs were forced to return to the state leagues. The NSW Premier League continued to be run over summer throughout this period but after the 2004–05 season reverted to a winter competition from 2006.

In 2008 the whole New South Wales men's, women's and youth competitions were reconstructed to align youth teams with their respective senior clubs along with women's teams.


In 2013 the FFA announced another re-structure, this time to tier 2 level of soccer in Australia. This saw the top league in each state united under a single banner called the National Premier Leagues, with the NSW Premier League rebranded as the National Premier Leagues NSW.[2] Bonnyrigg White Eagles became the inaugural champions of this competition after defeating Rockdale City Suns 1–0 in the final. Sydney United 58 FC were crowned premiers after placing first in the standing at the end of the regular season, earning the right to compete in the inaugural National Premier Leagues Finals. Sydney United went on to win this tournament defeating Tasmanian side South Hobart FC 2–0 in the final. In 2014, premiers Bonnyrigg White Eagles failed to reach the grand final and Blacktown City FC were crowned champions. They defeated Sydney Olympic 2–1 after extra time.

Name Changes

Seasons Title
1956–1977 Division 1
1978–1982 State League
1983–1991 NSW Division One
1992–2000 NSW Super League
2000–2012 NSW Premier League
2013–present National Premier Leagues NSW
Source: OzFootball

Competition format


There are 22 Rounds in total with each team playing each other twice; home and away.

NPL national finals

At the completion of the league series, the NPL NSW top of the table, joins the winners from the other NPL subdivisions in a national eight team finals series. The national final series consists of a three round knock-out series based on geographically close subdivision champions playing each other, culminating in a grand final.

NPL NSW finals

The top five sides at the end of the season compete in the Championship Series. The Championship Series consists of six games, whereby the five teams competing are whittled down to just two. The teams are seeded upon their entry into the Championship Series according to their final position on the ladder. The final two teams compete in the Grand Final, where a NSW Premier League Champion is decided.


The following 12 clubs are competing in the National Premier Leagues NSW for the 2016 season.

Club Location Grounds Capacity
APIA Leichhardt Tigers Leichhardt Lambert Park 7,000
Blacktown City Blacktown Lily Homes Stadium 7,500
Blacktown Spartans Rooty Hill Blacktown International Sportspark 2,000
Bonnyrigg White Eagles Bonnyrigg Bonnyrigg Sports Club 10,000
Hakoah Sydney City East Eastgardens Hensley Athletic Field 1,000
Manly United Dee Why Cromer Park 5,000
Parramatta Sefton Melita Stadium 10,000
Rockdale City Suns Rockdale Bicentennial Park South 5,000
Sutherland Sharks Miranda Seymour Shaw Park 5,000
Sydney Olympic Belmore Belmore Sports Ground 25,000
Sydney United 58 Edensor Park Sydney United Sports Centre 12,000
Wollongong Wolves Wollongong WIN Stadium 23,750


Season Competition Regular season Finals series
(number of titles)
Runners-Up Champions
(number of titles)
Score Finalists
1957 Division One Canterbury-Marrickville Auburn Auburn 4–3 Canterbury-Marrickville
1958 Division One Corrimal United Canterbury-Marrickville Canterbury-Marrickville 2–1 Auburn
1959 Division One Prague APIA Leichhardt Prague 3–2 APIA Leichhardt
1960 Division One Prague (2) APIA Leichhardt Canterbury-Marrickville (2) 5–2 Prague
1961 Division One Prague (3) Canterbury-Marrickville Hakoah 4–1 Canterbury-Marrickville
1962 Division One Budapest Hakoah Hakoah (2) 4–2 Budapest
1963 Division One Prague (4) APIA Leichhardt South Coast United 4–0 APIA Leichhardt
1964 Division One APIA Leichhardt St George-Budapest APIA Leichhardt 7–2 St George-Budapest
1965 Division One APIA Leichhardt (2) St George-Budapest APIA Leichhardt (2) 2–0 St George-Budapest
1966 Division One South Coast United (2) Hakoah Eastern Suburbs Hakoah Eastern Suburbs (3) 2–1 APIA Leichhardt
1967 Division One APIA Leichhardt (3) St George-Budapest St George-Budapest 5–2 APIA Leichhardt
1968 Division One Hakoah Eastern Suburbs Pan-Hellenic Hakoah Eastern Suburbs (4) 4–2 Pan-Hellenic
1969 Division One South Coast United (3) St George-Budapest APIA Leichhardt (3) 3–2 St George-Budapest
1970 Division One Hakoah Eastern Suburbs (2) St George-Budapest Ryde 4–0 St George-Budapest
1971 Division One Hakoah Eastern Suburbs (3) St George-Budapest St George-Budapest (2) 3–2 Western Suburbs
1972 Division One St George-Budapest (2) Marconi-Fairfield Marconi-Fairfield 1–0 St George-Budapest
1973 Division One Hakoah Eastern Suburbs (4) Marconi-Fairfield Marconi-Fairfield (2) 2–1 Hakoah Eastern Suburbs
1974 Division One Hakoah Eastern Suburbs (5) APIA Leichhardt St George-Budapest (3) 4–2 Hakoah Eastern Suburbs
1975 Division One APIA Leichhardt (4) St George-Budapest St George-Budapest (4) 1–0 APIA Leichhardt
1976 Division One St George-Budapest (3) APIA Leichhardt APIA Leichhardt (4) 1–0 St George-Budapest
1977 Division One Croatia Sydney APIA Leichhardt Croatia Sydney 2–0 Auburn
1978 Division One Croatia Sydney (2) Sutherland Shire Sutherland Shire 1–1
2–1 (replay)
Croatia Sydney
1979 State League Croatia Sydney (3) Inter Monaro Inter Monaro 2–1 Sutherland Shire
1980 State League Melita Eagles Sydney Olympic Sydney Olympic 4–0 Melita Eagles
1981 State League Croatia Sydney (4) St George-Budapest St George-Budapest (5) 1–0 Croatia Sydney
1982 State League Croatia Sydney (5) Riverwood Croatia Sydney (2) 2–1 Sutherland Shire
1983 NSW Division One Melita Eagles (2) Croatia Sydney Croatia Sydney (3) 1–1 (a.e.t.)
0–0 (replay)
4–3 (pen.)
Melita Eagles
1984 NSW Division One Inter Monaro Rockdale Ilinden Rockdale Ilinden 3–2 Inter Monaro
1985 NSW Division One Canterbury-Marrickville Olympic (2) Fairy Meadow Melita Eagles 4–0 Fairy Meadow
1986 NSW Division One Melita Eagles (3) Manly Warringah Sutherland Shire (2) 2–1 Melita Eagles
1987 NSW Division One Wollongong City Canberra City Wollongong City 2–1 Canberra City
1988 NSW Division One Blacktown City Melita Eagles Melita Eagles (2) 0–0
7–6 (pen.)
Blacktown City
1989 NSW Division One Melita Eagles (4) Canberra Croatia Melita Eagles (3) 2–0 Canberra Croatia
1990 NSW Division One Wollongong Macedonia Canberra Croatia Wollongong Macedonia 2–0 Canberra Croatia
1991 NSW Division One Sutherland Sharks Blacktown City Blacktown City 3–0 Canberra Metro
1992 NSW Super League Avala Manly Warringah Dolphins Avala 2–0 Blacktown City
1993 NSW Super League Blacktown City (2) Bankstown City Bankstown City 1–0 Blacktown City
1994 NSW Super League Bankstown City Canterbury-Marrickville Bankstown City (2) 3–1 Canterbury-Marrickville
1995 NSW Super League Manly Warringah Dolphins Blacktown City Manly Warringah Dolphins 1–0 Blacktown City
1996 NSW Super League Adamstown Rosebud1
Parramatta Eagles2
Sutherland Sharks1, 2 Parramatta Eagles (4) 1–1
5–3 (pen.)
Adamstown Rosebud
1997 NSW Super League Parramatta Eagles (5) APIA Leichhardt Parramatta Eagles (5) 3–1 Bonnyrigg White Eagles
1998 NSW Super League Bonnyrigg White Eagles (2) Blacktown City Blacktown City (2) 1–0 Bonnyrigg White Eagles
1999 NSW Super League Bonnyrigg White Eagles (3) Blacktown City Blacktown City (3) 5–1 Parramatta Eagles
2000 NSW Super League Blacktown City (3) Bonnyrigg White Eagles Blacktown City (4) 2–1 Bonnyrigg White Eagles
2000–01 NSW Premier League Blacktown City Demons (4) Bonnyrigg White Eagles FC Bonnyrigg White Eagles (2) 3–1 Blacktown City Demons
2001–02 NSW Premier League Parramatta Eagles (6) Bonnyrigg White Eagles FC Parramatta Eagles (6) 1–0 Blacktown City Demons
2002–03 NSW Premier League Blacktown City Demons (5) APIA Tigers APIA Leichhardt Tigers (5) 3–1 Blacktown City Demons
2003–04 NSW Premier League Belconnen Blue Devils St. George Saints Bankstown City Lions (3) 2–0 Belconnen Blue Devils
2004–05 NSW Premier League Bankstown City Lions FC (2) Bonnyrigg White Eagles FC Bankstown City Lions (4) 3–1 Bonnyrigg White Eagles FC
2006 NSW Premier League Blacktown City (6) Bankstown City Lions FC Sydney United (4) 4–0 Blacktown City Demons FC
2007 NSW Premier League Blacktown City (7) Bankstown City Lions FC Blacktown City (5) 3–1 Bankstown City Lions FC
2008 NSW Premier League Sutherland Sharks (2) Wollongong FC Wollongong FC (2) 4–2 Sutherland Sharks FC
2009 NSW Premier League Sydney United (6) Marconi Stallions FC Sutherland Sharks (3) 4–1 Marconi Stallions
2010 NSW Premier League Bonnyrigg White Eagles (4) Blacktown City Demons FC Blacktown City FC (6) 1–0 Bonnyrigg White Eagles
2011 NSW Premier League Sydney Olympic Sydney United FC Sydney Olympic (2) 2–0 Sydney United
2012 NSW Premier League Bonnyrigg White Eagles (5) Sydney Olympic FC Marconi Stallions (3) 2–0 Bonnyrigg White Eagles
2013 NPL NSW Men's 1 Sydney United 58 FC (7) Sutherland Sharks FC Bonnyrigg White Eagles (3) 1–0 Rockdale City Suns
2014 NPL NSW Men's 1 Bonnyrigg White Eagles (6) Blacktown Spartans Blacktown City (7) 2–1 Sydney Olympic
2015 NPL NSW Men's 1 Blacktown City (8) APIA Leichhardt Tigers Bonnyrigg White Eagles (4) 2–0 Blacktown City
2016 NPL NSW Men's 1 Sydney United 58 FC (8) Blacktown City Blacktown City (8) 3–0 Sydney United 58 FC
Source: SoccerAust
1 1996 season divided into two stages. Stage 1: Premiers (Adamstown), Runners-Up (Sutherland)
2 1996 season divided into two stages. Stage 2: Premiers (Parramatta), Runners-Up (Sutherland)

Bold indicates Federation Double winners – i.e. League Championship and League Premiership OR League Championship and Federation/Waratah Cup OR League Premiership and Federation/Waratah Cup
Bold and Underlined indicates Federation Treble winners – i.e. League Championship, League Premiership and Federation/Waratah Cup winners


All-time honour board
This list includes all champions and premiers since the inaugural league of 1957. Grand finals have occurred during all seasons of the league over this time. As the 1996 season was split into two stages there was no official premier for the season. In total, there have been 58 champions and 57 premiers.
Teams in bold compete in the National Premier Leagues NSW as of 2015 season.

Club Regular season premierships Finals series championships
Premiers Winning seasons Champions Winning Grand finals
Blacktown City 8 1988, 1993, 2000, 2000–01, 2002–03, 2007, 2015 8 1991, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2007, 2010, 2014, 2016
Sydney United 58 8 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 2009, 2013, 2016 4 1977, 1982, 1983, 2006
Parramatta FC 6 1980, 1983, 1986, 1989, 1997, 2001–02 6 1985, 1988, 1989, 1996, 1997, 2002
Bonnyrigg White Eagles 6 1992, 1998, 1999, 2010, 2012, 2014 4 1992, 2001, 2013, 2015
Hakoah Sydney City East FC 5 1968, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1974 4 1961, 1962, 1966, 1968
APIA Leichhardt Tigers 4 1964, 1965, 1967, 1975 5 1964, 1965, 1969, 1976, 2003
Prague 4 1959, 1960, 1961, 1963 1 1959
St George FC 3 1962, 1972, 1976 5 1967, 1971, 1974, 1975, 1981
Safeway United 3 1958, 1966, 1969 1 1963
Canterbury-Marrickville 2 1957, 1985 2 1958, 1960
Bankstown City Lions 2 1994, 2004–05 4 1993, 1994, 2004, 2005
Sutherland Sharks 2 1991, 2008 3 1978, 1986, 2009
South Coast Wolves 1 1987 2 1987, 2008
Sydney Olympic 1 2011 2 1980, 2011
Manly United 1 1995 1 1995
Inter Monaro 1 1984 1 1979
Wollongong United 1 1990 1 1990
Belconnen Blue Devils 1 2003–04
Marconi Stallions 3 1972, 1973, 2012
Auburn 1 1957
Rockdale City Suns 1 1984
Ryde 1 1970


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