National Destourian Initiative

National Destourian Initiative
المبادرة الوطنية الدستورية
French name Initiative nationale destourienne
Abbreviation Initiative
President Kamel Morjane
Founded 1 April 2011 (2011-04-01)
Ideology Centre[1]
Assembly of the
of the People
3 / 217

National Destourian Initiative (Tunisian Arabic: المبادرة الوطنية الدستورية, French: Initiative nationale destourienne) or El Moubadra is a centrist political party in Tunisia. Emerging from the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD) of ousted president Ben Ali, it was formed after the Tunisian revolution on 1 April 2011.

The party is led by Kamel Morjane, former Defence and Foreign Minister under Ben Ali.[2] The party assertively supports the representation of former RCD members in post-revolutionary politics.[3]

After the Party of Freedom for Justice and Development, the Party of Independence, the Party of Tomorrow’s Tunisia and the Party of Third Path merged into The Initiative on 30 July 2014,[4][5] the party openly presents itself as National Destourian Initiative.[6]


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