National Defense Medical Center

National Defense Medical Center
Motto 博愛忠真 (Chinese)
Type military academy
Established 1902;
reorganized in 1945 as National Defense Medical Center
President Major General Sytwu, Hui-Kang
Location Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan
National Defense Medical Center
Traditional Chinese 國防醫學院
Simplified Chinese 国防医学院
Literal meaning National Defense Medical College

National Defense Medical Center (NDMC; Chinese: 國防醫學院; pinyin: Guófáng Yīxuéyuàn) is a ROC military affiliated medical school in Taipei, Taiwan. The NDMC is responsible for the training of military doctors, nurses and other medical personnel.


The former institute of the National Defense Medical Center, established by Yuan Shikai in Tianjin, China in 1902, was recognized as the first military school in Chinese history. This center was the amalgamation of the Army Medical College, the Wartime Health Personnel Training Center and its 13 branches in Shanghai, China on June 1, 1947, and later, in 1949, moved to Taipei, Taiwan. Following the annexation of the Tri-Service General Hospital, a total integration of basic and clinic department was achieved in 1983. In October, 1999, the school moved to the Neihu District of Taipei; in the next year, the Tri-Service General Hospital, the affiliated hospital, also moved to Neihu, where they were renamed collectively as the National Defense Medical Center.

Educational Systems

Graduate Institutes

Doctorate Program

Master Program

National Defense Medical Center in 2010

Undergraduate Program


  1. LTG Robert Kho-Seng Lim (林可勝) (1947–1953)
  2. LTG Chih-Teh Loo (盧致德) (1953–1975)
  3. LTG Chok-Yung Chai (蔡作雍) (M47) (1975–1984)
  4. LTG (潘樹人) (M39) (1984–1989)
  5. LTG T. H. Yin (尹在信) (M49) (1989–1991)
  6. LTG Cheng-Ping Ma (馬正平) (M49) (1991–1993)
  7. LTG Hsheng-Kai Lee (李賢鎧) (M59) (1993–1996)
  8. LTG Kao-Liang Shen (沈國樑) (M59) (1996–2000)
  9. MG Sun-Yuan Chang (張聖原) (M66) (2000–2002)
  10. MG Hsian-Jenn Wang (王先震) (M66) (2003–2005)
  11. MG Deh-Ming Chang (張德明) (M74) (2005-) member of American College of Rheumatology.

Notable alumni

Teaching Hospital & Practice Institutions

Teaching Hospital

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