National Convergence Front

National Convergence Front
Leader Edgar Justiniano Ovalle
Founded 7 January 2008
Ideology Nationalism[1]
Political position Right-wing[4][5][6]
Colors      Blue
Seats in Congress
11 / 158

The National Convergence Front (Spanish: Frente de Convergencia Nacional, FCN–Nación) is a political party in Guatemala.


The party was established on 7 January 2008. It was initiated by a group of retired army officers, including veterans of Guatemalan Civil War, affiliated with the Military Veterans Association of Guatemala AVEMILGUA.[7] FCN did not nominate a presidential candidate in the 2011 general elections, but contested the Congressional elections, receiving 0.5% of the vote and failing to win a seat.[8] In March 2013, the party chose the popular comic TV actor Jimmy Morales as its secretary-general.[9]

Morales was the party's presidential candidate in the 2015 elections, which he won after receiving the largest vote share in the first round (24%) and then beating former first lady Sandra Torres in the run-off with 67% of the vote. In the Congressional elections the FCN received the fifth-highest vote share (9%), winning 11 of the 158 seats.[10]


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