National Cadet Advisory Council

The National Cadet Advisory Council is the link between cadets and officers in the Australian Army Cadets, system. The NATCAC, as it is commonly known, endeavours in improve cadets and the standard of cadets any way it can. The NATCAC generally meets once a year, with regional CAC's meeting at least once a school semester. Although named the same, this should not be confused with the National Cadet Advisory Council[1] of Civil Air Patrol, the United States Air Force Auxiliary.

Meets at least once a year. Items to be discussed are complied previous to the meeting by the NATCUO, and are based around what was brought up in RCAC meetings. Minutes from each meeting are recorded and passed onto the CO of the AAC.

Members of the NATCAC

The NATCAC is chaired by the National Cadet Under Officer and the National Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major. The Regional Cadet Under Officer and Regional Cadet RSM of each AAC region make up the council. The regions are divided as follows; North Queensland, South Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory.

The current National CUO is CUO Chelsea Walmsley, and the current National CDTRSM is Cadet Warrant Officer Class One Jessica Fenn.[2]

Regional Cadet Advisory Council

Each Region has its own CAC, currently consisting on the RCUO and RSM, and the highest-ranking member of each cadet unit in that region. Each Regional CAC has a RCUO and RSM, a Battalion CUO and Battalion RSM (for those regions with more than one Battalion), and two delegates from each unit. One delegate must be between CDT and CDTCPL, the other delegate between SGT and CUO.

RCAC are required to meet at least once a year, but are encouraged to meet as often as possible to help the flow of information. The RCUO chairs each RCAC, and the items discussed are to be checked by the NATCUO beforehand. Minutes are to be kept from each meeting and passed onto the appropriate people (NATCUO, Region ASSTCOMD, and region CO).

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