Nanda Parbat

For the ninth-highest mountain in the world, located in Pakistan's Himalaya, see Nanga Parbat.
Nanda Parbat
Type hidden city
Notable locations Pakistan
First appearance Strange Adventures #205 (October 1967)
Publisher DC Comics

Nanda Parbat is a fictional city in the DC Comics universe. Nanda Parbat first appeared in Strange Adventures #205 (October 1967), and was created by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino, the creators of Deadman.


Patterned after the fictional Shangri-La and the real Nanga Parbat in Pakistan, Nanda Parbat is a hidden city nestled high in the mountains of Tibet. It is said to be a place of healing and enlightenment watched over by the goddess-like figure Rama Kushna and her monks. As in Shangri-La, time moves differently in Nanda Parbat; one can leave the city to find that less time has passed in the outside world.

Rama Kushna is most famous as the entity responsible for turning aerialist Boston Brand into the ghostly Deadman. As her spiritual agent, Brand wanders the Earth possessing the bodies of the living and doing good works, in the hopes of finding eventual access to paradise. Deadman has returned to Nanda Parbat on occasion to defend it against attackers such as The Sensei of the League of Assassins, an aged warrior at one time possessed by Jonah, another of Rama's former agents.

Invisible Map

A map had been used to reach this place in the story arc The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul written by Grant Morrison and Paul Dini. The so-called "invisible map" is supposedly composed of seven pieces, including a tattoo, a scrap of parchment, a poem and a birthmark.

Notable appearances

Rama Kushna and Nanda Parbat have also played a role in the lives of other DC Comics characters:

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