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NFL Classics is a series of videotaped rebroadcasts of National Football League games that air on the NFL Network. The show airs weekly during the offseason and also occasionally during the NFL season. As of the 2010, the series airs on Monday night while Super Bowl Classics airs on Friday night.

The program, the first such series to air on any American television network, premiered on May 10, 2007 with a re-air of the Chicago Bears' Monday Night Football comeback victory over the Arizona Cardinals in 2006.

NFL Classics is an extension of an earlier series called Super Bowl Classics, which showed full-length re-airs of some of the most memorable Super Bowl games.

The NFL is the last United States-based major professional sports league to make such broadcasts available on TV. Previously, NFL Network and ESPN Classic had aired NFL's Greatest Games, 90-minute edited versions using footage from NFL Films. The other major leagues – MLB, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR – have all had games (or races, in NASCAR's case) air on ESPN Classic. However, at this time, full-length MLB games are shown on Classic only occasionally, while NHL games are presently aired on NHL Network.

Episode list

Super Bowl Classics


1This was not on the original NFLN schedule; it replaced a scheduled telecast of the Las Vegas All-American Classic, which was cancelled

2The last minute of the first half (including the Rocky Bleier touchdown reception) was missing from the footage.


This schedule reflects only game re-airs that NFL Network did not show the previous year. Also, most of the premieres tied in to the participating teams in Super Bowl XLII and to the 1972 Miami Dolphins, the only perfect team for an entire season in NFL history.

NFL Classics

May 2007

June 2007

July 2007

December 2007

Except for the Dec. 8 and 21 games, all of these contests promoted the December 28 game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants which was shown on NFLN, CBS, and NBC in a three-way simulcast.

January 2008

June 2008

Beginning with this season, NFL Classics is a new series of 2½ to 3 hour programs with opening and closing sequences and some editing. This was scheduled to run on Monday nights for 10 weeks.

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