NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work – Poetry

These are the winners for Outstanding Literary Work - Poetry:. This award was first awarded in 2007.[1]


Year Writer Work Nominees
2007 Maya Angelou Celebrations, Rituals of Peace and Prayer[1] DuEwa M. Frazier-"Check the Rhyme: An Anthology of Female Poets & Emcees'[1]
Major Jackson-"Hoops"
Walter Dean Myers-"Jazz"
Pearl Cleage-"We Speak Your Names"
2008 Nikki Giovanni Acolytes: Poems[2] Tracy K. Smith-"Duende: Poems"[2]
Usi Ku-"Eloquence: Rhythm and Renaissance"
Carl Phillips-" Quiver of Arrows
Derek Walcott-"Selected poems"
2010 Nikki Giovanni Bicycles[3] Camille Dungy-"Black Nature: Four Centuries of African American Nature Poetry"
Mitchell L. H. Douglas-"Cooling Board: A Long-Playing Poem"
Adrian Matejka-"Mixology"
Melba Joyce Boyd-"Roses and Revolutions: The Selected Writings of Dudley Randall"
2011 Nikki Giovanni 100 Best African-American Poems[4] Alice Walker-"Hard Times Require Furious Dancing"[4]
Major Jackson-"Holding Company"
Camille T. Dungy-"Suck on the Marrow"
Derek Walcott-"White Egrets"
2012 James Golden Afro Clouds & Nappy Rain: The Curtis Brown Poems[5] Nikky Finney-"Head Off & Split"[5]
-Haki Madhubuti-"Honoring Genius: The Narrative of Craft, Art, Kindness and Justice"
Darrin Henson-"Intimate Thoughts"
Jacqueline Jones Lamon-"Last Seen"
2013 Truth Thomas Speak Water[6] Arisa White-"Hurrah's Nest"[4]
Marcus Wicker-"Maybe the Saddest Thing"
Rowan Ricardo Phillips-"The Ground"
Natasha Trethewey-"Thrall"
2014 Frank X Walker Turn Me Loose: The Unghosting of Medgar Evers[7] Nikki Giovanni-"Chasing Utopia: A Hybrid"
Jamaal May-"Hum"
A. Van Jordan-"The Cineaste: Poems"
Ai-"The Collected Poems of Ai"
2015 Claudia Rankine Citizen: An American Lyric[8] Gregory Pardlo-"Digest"[8]
Jericho Brown-"The New Testament"
Derek Walcott-"The Poetry of Derek Walcott 1948-2013"
Brian Gilmore-"We Didn’t Know Any Gangsters"
2016 Terrance Hayes How to Be Drawn[9] Ross Gay-"Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude"[9]
Carl Phillips-"Reconnaissance"
Mahogany L. Browne-"Redbone"
Nate Marshall-"Wild Hundreds"

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