Næstved BK

Full name Næstved Boldklub A/S
Founded 1996 (1939 as Næstved IF)
Ground Næstved Stadion, Næstved
Ground Capacity 10,000 (2,300 covered seats)
Chairman Dan Andersen
Manager Mogens Krogh
League Danish 1st Division

Næstved Boldklub is a Danish association football team based in Næstved on the southern end of Zealand. Næstved Boldklub is the professional superstructure of the parent club Næstved Idræts Forening (Næstved IF) and currently plays in the Danish 1st Division, the second tier of Danish football league system.

The team's regular colours have been green and white throughout the club's history. It plays its home games at Næstved Stadion. The main rivals are Nykøbing FC (former B1901) and Slagelse B&I. Other rivals are Herfølge Boldklub and Køge Boldklub (the two clubs now merged to HB Køge).

Formerly a regular team in the top half of the Danish Superliga, Næstved has been tempting fate in the second and third tier since after the relegation. Since then Næstved Boldklub have been struggling financially which have been a factor in the club's struggles limiting and sometimes banning the cub from signing contracts with players.


Næstved Idræts Forening (Næstved IF) was formed in 1939 as a union of Næstved Idræts Klub and Næstved Boldklub the former which had already played a season in the Mesterskabs-serien (then the best league in Denmark). During the Second World War the Danish football leagues were replaced by geographical divisions. With the beginning of the 1945–1946 season the football pyramid was reestablished with Næstved being placed in the 3rd Division. In 1970 Næstved won promotion to the 2nd Division finishing third the following season to secure promotion to the 1st Division (the then top division in Denmark). Again Næstved finished third in their first season after promotion winning bronze medal in 1972.

After the club's three mostly successful decades from the 1970s until the 1990s, including two time runner-up in the league (1980 in front of an all time capacity record of 20,315 spectators at Næstved Stadion and again in 1988), the club was relegated following the 1995–1996 season after finishing last.

In 1996 Næstved Boldklub became the professional superstructure of the parent club Næstved Idræts Forening (Næstved IF).

In 2000 Næstved was relegated to the 2nd Division (third tier in Danish football league structure) for the first time since 1963. Enduring financial trouble the club was then several times just about to be relegated to Danmarks Serien (non-league), and if that would have happened, it would be the first time ever for Næstved not to be in one of the three best divisions of Denmark.

Næstved managed to stay in the 2nd Division and after winning promotion to the 1st Division i 2006 it seemed Næstved was on its way back to the top again. However after a disappointing season in 2011–2012 Næstved was relegated back to the 2nd Division.

Since the 2015–2016 season the club is back in the 1st Division again.


Other results:



Current squad

As of 25 August 2016[1] Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Denmark GK Sebastian Olsen
2 Denmark DF Kaspar Mertz
3 Denmark DF Daniel Norouzi
4 Denmark DF Nikolaj Hansen
5 Denmark DF Søren Jensen (footballer)
6 Denmark DF Henrik Kildentoft
8 Denmark MF Harun Keser
9 United States FW Sammy Adjel
10 Denmark MF Kristoffer Munksgaard
11 Denmark FW Jeppe Illum
12 Denmark FW Mikkel Jensen
13 Denmark FW Tobias Perch
14 Albania MF Berat Beqiri
15 Denmark MF Henrik Bødker
No. Position Player
16 Denmark MF Patrick Hansen
17 Denmark FW Kevin Bechmann Timm
19 United States FW Ryan Finley (soccer)
20 Denmark FW Stefan Nygaard
22 Denmark DF Jesper Overgaard Christiansen
23 Denmark MF Andreas Baes
24 Denmark DF Muhittin Kücük
27 Denmark FW Mathias Johnannsen


Shirt number 7

On 12 June 2006, Næstved midfielder Rasmus Green suddenly collapsed during training and was – in spite of subsequent reviving-attempts from fellow players, the physio and a present doctor – dead on arrival at Næstved Hospital.[3] The number seven is retired in his memory.


Club records

Biggest attendance

Biggest league victory

Biggest victory in European cups

Biggest league defeat

Biggest defeat in European cups

Player records

Most appearances

# Name Nation Apps Goals
1Frank HougaardDenmark511?
2Mogens HansenDenmark427?
3Søren JuelDenmark375?
4Torben JohansenDenmark359?
5Aage HermansenDenmark338?
6Alex NielsenDenmark320?
7Klaus JuliussenDenmark316?
8Jørgen HansenDenmark309?
9Benny JacobsenDenmark295?
10Poul NielsenDenmark287?

Most European appearances: 6, Mogens Hansen and Alex Nielsen[6]

Top goalscorer in all competitions: Karsten Jensen, 133 goals in 228 appearances. Average: 0,58 goal per game[7]

Top European goalscorer: Lars Jacobsen, 3[6]

Danish internationals

Name Born Playing position National Apps National Goals Næstved Apps Næstved Goals
Jesper Olsen 20-03-1961 Midfield 43 5 66 12
Ole Rasmussen 19-03-1952 Midfield 41 1
Bjarne Goldbæk 06-10-1968 Midfield 28 0 17 4
Jørgen Hansen 24-12-1931 Attack 23 3 309
Jørgen Kristensen 12-12-1946 Midfield 19 3
Keld Bak 07-06-1944 Attack 14 3
Mark Strudal 29-04-1968 Attack 9 3 64 29
Jan Sørensen 24-08-1954 Attack 7 0
Erik Dyreborg 20-01-1940 Attack 6 8
Mogens Hansen 12-04-1956 Attack 5 1 427
Svend Erik Christensen 17-03-1949 Midfield 4 1
Henrik Skouboe 24-06-1955 Attack 3 0
Bent Dideriksen 16-07-1931 Attack 2 0
Kurt Jørgensen 01-10-1959 Attack 2 0
Benny Nielsen 07-03-1951 Midfield 1 0
John Povelsen 11-10-1957 Defense 1 0
Michael Birkedal 18-11-1959 Defense 1 0

European performances

UEFA Cup 1973–74

19 September 1973
First round, 1st game
Fortuna Düsseldorf Germany 1–0 Denmark Næstved
Fred Hesse  52'
Rheinstadion, Düsseldorf
Referee: Kenneth Howard Burns (England)

3 October 1973
First round, 2nd game
Næstved Denmark 2–2 Germany Fortuna Düsseldorf
Bent Olsen  50'
Kurt Ottesen  89'
Wolfgang Seel  30'
Dieter Herzog 70'
Næstved Stadion, Næstved
Referee: Arne Axelsson (Sweden)

Fortuna Düsseldorf won 3–2 on aggregate.

UEFA Cup 1976–77

15 September 1976
First round, 1st game
Næstved Denmark 0–3 Belgium RWD Molenbeek
Johan Boskamp  41'
Willy Wellens 85', 87'
Næstved Stadion, Næstved
Referee: Henry Obeig (Norway)

19 September 1976
First round, 2nd game
RWD Molenbeek Belgium 4–0 Denmark Næstved
Eddy Koens  22'
Johan Boskamp  30', 52' (pen.)
Hubert Cordiez  76'
Edmond Machtens Stadium, Brussels
Referee: Angel Franco Martinez (Spain)

RWD Molenbeek won 7–0 on aggregate.

UEFA Cup 1981–82

16 September 1981
First round, 1st game
PSV Eindhoven Netherlands 7–0 Denmark Næstved
René van de Kerkhof  5'
Willy van de Kerkhof  10'
Hallvar Thoresen  17'
Ruud Geels  51', 61', 77'
Jung-moo Huh  80'
Philips Stadion, Eindhoven
Referee: Frederick Mcknight (Northern Ireland)

30 September 1981
First round, 2nd game
Næstved Denmark 2–1 Netherlands PSV Eindhoven
Mogens Hansen  55', 88' Hallvar Thoresen  65'
Næstved Stadion, Næstved
Referee: Arto Ravander (Finland)

PSV Eindhoven won 8–2 on aggregate.

UEFA Cup 1989–90

13 September 1989
First round, 1st game
Zenit St. Petersburg Russia 3–1 Denmark Næstved
Tsukhtov  22'
Stepanov  60'
Popielnukha  74'
Kurt Jørgensen  19' (pen.)
Lenin Stadium, Saint Petersburg
Attendance: 8,200
Referee: Eero Aho (Finland)

27 September 1989
First round, 2nd game
Næstved Denmark 0–0 Russia Zenit St. Petersburg
Næstved Stadion, Næstved
Attendance: 4,184
Referee: Rune Larsson (Sweden)

Zenit St. Petersburg won 3–1 on aggregate.

1995 UEFA Intertoto Cup Group 4

25 June 1995
SC Heerenveen Netherlands 2–1 Denmark Næstved
Wilco Hellinga  64'
Erik Tammer  89'
Lars Jacobsen  48'

1 July 1995
Næstved Denmark 3–3 Hungary Békéscsaba 1912 Előre SE
Jensen  76'
Mads Spur-Mortensen  80'
Søren Juel  80'
Zsolt Kasik  12'
László Majos  33', 66'

8 July 1995
U.D. Leiria Portugal 1–1 Denmark Næstved
Bambo  64' ???  ??'
Estádio Municipal "Dr. Alves Vieira", Leiria

22 July 1995
Næstved Denmark 2–0 Wales Ton Pentre F.C.
Lars Jacobsen  34', 72'
1 Netherlands Heerenveen 4 3 0 1 13 2 +11 9
2 Portugal Leiria 4 2 2 0 7 3 +4 8
3 Denmark Næstved 4 1 2 1 7 6 +1 5
4 Hungary Békéscsaba 4 1 2 1 9 9 0 5
5 Wales Ton Pentre 4 0 0 4 0 16 16 0


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