My Zinc Bed (film)

My Zinc Bed
Directed by Anthony Page
Produced by Frank Doelger
Lee Morris
Tracey Scoffield
Written by David Hare
Starring Paddy Considine
Jonathan Pryce
Uma Thurman
Music by Simon Boswell
Cinematography Brian Tufano
Release dates
  • 27 August 2008 (2008-08-27)
Running time
69 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

My Zinc Bed is a 2008 British television drama film[1] directed by Anthony Page and based on the stage play of the same name[2] by David Hare. It was commissioned by the BBC and produced in association with HBO Films.


The one-off drama follows Alcoholics Anonymous member Paul Peplow (Paddy Considine) who is sent to interview wealthy businessman Victor Quinn (Jonathan Pryce). Victor's obsession with addiction soon makes sense when Paul meets Victor's beautiful wife Elsa (Uma Thurman) – who reveals that she herself is a recovering alcoholic.


The film is shot in many locations across London, including the now-standard "crossing the Thames" introductory shot backdropped by St. Paul's Cathedral and the 30 St Mary Axe Swiss Re office building (commonly referred to as "The Gherkin"). The Quinn's new residence is shown to be in the locale of the real Regent's Park.



The drama was well received by some critics,[3][4] mostly overcoming the distraction of its high-powered cast.[5][6] It was both commended and criticized[7][8] for its retention of its stage-play roots. It received 32% on Rotten Tomatoes.[9]


The drama was seen by around 1 million viewers, considered poor ratings, especially given Thurman's involvement.[10][11]


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