Music programs of South Korea

Music programs of South Korea are broadcast weekly, with different artists performing on the shows to promote their music.[1]

South Korea's largest broadcasting companies each have their own show, which are broadcast on different channels. SBS has Inkigayo, KBS has Music Bank, MBC has Show! Music Core, Mnet has M Countdown, MBC Music has Show Champion and SBS MTV has The Show.

Music programs


Past music programs


Artists commonly pre-record performances and appear live on the show for interviews and the ending of the show, where the week's winning artist is announced.

They also use music programs to promote. 'Debut stage' is the term used for artists who perform on the shows for the first time, usually serving as their first live performance when they debut as an artist. On the other hand, a 'comeback stage' is the term used for the first performance of the artist on the shows with their new songs and the start of a new promotional cycle, after the end of their debut cycle.[5]

Fans are also allowed to attend pre-recordings and live shows to support the artists for free if they apply for tickets on each of the show's websites, with the condition that they don't record or take photos during the recording. Fans who disobey these rules will be banned from the show, along with fellow fans who came to support the group.[6]

Show! Music Core's lip-sync ban

During an interview with 'Music Core' CP Park Hyun Suk on July 1, 2014, he was reported to have told Munhwa Ilbo, "We will not allow people who are not equipped with the basics as a singer to perform on stage. Even if one's individual part is short, that is fine. The singers who perform on stage must sing." He argues that this is to discourage groups who record almost 100% of their music for the shows, to determine the truly talented idol groups.[7]

Chart systems

Each music program of the different networks have different systems that they use to decide the winning artist of the week. For instance, KBS' Music Bank's K-Chart includes the song's physical sales in their computation, while SBS' Inkigayo's chart does not.[8]

An artist is not eligible to win on music shows during the first week of promotions, and may only be included in the music charts in the second week.

Music program Channel Day Chart system
The Show SBS MTV Tuesday Pre-score: Total 70% [Album sales + digital sales + SNS (Korea) (35%) + Tudou music video views + pay vote items (China) (35%)].

Live voting (for The Show Choice nominees only): Total 30% [Text votes (Korea) (15%) + Tudou votes (China) (15%)]

Show Champion MBC Music Wednesday Digital sales (streaming + downloads) (50%), online voting (MelOn) (15%), physical sales (Hanteo) (20%), ranking from professional judges (MBC Music) (15%)[9]
M Countdown Mnet Thursday Digital music sales score (50%), album sales volume score (15%), social media score (15%), popularity score (10%), broadcast score (10%), live broadcast real time voting score (10%)[10]
Music Bank KBS Friday Digital music charts (65%), album sales (5%), number of times broadcast on KBS TV only (20%), viewers choice charts (10%)[11]
Inkigayo SBS Sunday Digital single sales (55%), SNS (YouTube Views) (35%), album sales (5%), advance viewer votes (5%), live votes (10%) (for 1st place candidates only)[12]

Most music show wins

Girls' Generation has the most music show wins among all artists in South Korea and is the first to have 100 wins. They earned their 100th trophy on September 19, 2015 on Show! Music Core with the song "Lion Heart".[13]

By solo artists

Below is a list of artists with the most music show wins on all of the music programs. The list does not include wins on music programs of other countries.

Rank Artist Count Active
1st Cho Yong-pil 80 1969–
2nd PSY 49 1999–
3rd Yoo Seung-jun 43 1997–2002
4th IU 35 2008–
5th G-Dragon 33 2001–
6th Lee Hyori 28 2003–
Im Chang-jung 1990–
7th Kim Hyun-jung 26 1998–
Taeyang 2001–
8th Rain 23 1998–
BoA 2000–
9th MC Mong 19 1998–2010
Baek Ji-young 1999–
Last Updated: October 27, 2016

By groups

Below is a list of groups with the most music show wins on all of the music programs. The list does not include subgroups, solo careers, or wins on music programs from other countries.

Rank Artist Count Active
1st Girls' Generation 100 2007–
2nd BIGBANG 78 2006–
3rd EXO 77 2012–
4th Shinhwa 60 1998–
5th Super Junior 57 2005–
SHINee 2008–
6th g.o.d 54 1999–2005
7th TVXQ 48 2003–
BEAST 2009–
8th 2NE1 43 2009–2016
SISTAR 2010–
9th 2PM 41 2008–
Wonder Girls 2007–
10th INFINITE 38 2010–
Last Updated: October 27, 2016

Most awarded songs

Below is a list of the songs that have the most wins accumulated across the above six music programs.

PSY currently holds the record for most-awarded song with the 2012 global hit "Gangnam Style" which beat Girls' Generation's "Gee"'s previous record of most consecutive wins on a music show with 9 wins on Music Bank and ended with 10 consecutive wins and 17 wins in total.[15] The song also received 3 consecutive wins from M Countdown, gaining a total of 20 wins from the two shows.[16]

Rank Artist Song Count Year of Release
1st PSY "Gangnam Style" 20 2012
2nd EXO "Call Me Baby" 18 2015
3rd Apink "Luv" 17 2014
4th GFRIEND "Rough" 15 2016
5th Girls' Generation "Gee" 14 2009
EXO "Growl" 2013
Girls' Generation "Lion Heart" 2015
GFRIEND "Navillera" 2016
6th T-ara "Lovey-Dovey" 13 2012
7th BIGBANG "Haru Haru" 12 2008
2NE1 "I Don't Care" 2009
Girls' Generation "The Boys" 2011
Girls' Generation-TTS "Twinkle" 2012
TWICE "TT" 2016
8th Jewelry "One More Time" 11 2008
Wonder Girls "So Hot"
G-Dragon "Heartbreaker" 2009
Super Junior "Mr. Simple" 2011
SISTAR "Give It to Me" 2013
Soyou and Jung Gigo "Some" 2014
EXO "Love Me Right" 2015
Taeyeon "I"
TWICE "Cheer Up" 2016
9th Cho Yong-pil "Do Not Find Oriole" 10 1982
Yoo Seung-jun "Passion" 1999
Wonder Girls "Tell Me" 2007
Super Junior "Sorry, Sorry" 2009
Girls' Generation "Oh!" 2010
IU "You & I" 2011
SHINee "Dream Girl" 2013
EXO "Miracles in December"
EXO-K "Overdose" 2014
BEAST "Good Luck"
Shinhwa "Sniper" 2015
Last Updated: December 2, 2016

Longest consecutive wins by an artist

Rank Artist Song Weeks Year of Release Show
1st PSY "Gangnam Style" 10 2012 Music Bank
2nd Girls' Generation "Gee" 9 2009
3rd Yoo Seungjun "Vision" 7 1998
Jewelry "One More Time" 2008
4th Yoo Seungjun "Passion" 6 1998
IU "You & I" 2011
Girls' Generation "The Boys" 2012
5th MC Mong "Circus" 5 2008
Wonder Girls "So Hot"
Super Junior "Sorry Sorry" 2009
2NE1 "I Don't Care"
G-Dragon "Heartbreaker"
Girls' Generation "Oh!" 2010
Super Junior "Mr. Simple" 2011
TWICE "TT" 2016
6th COOL "Sorrow" 4 1998 Inkigayo
Yoo Seungjun "Na Na Na"
Kim Hyun-jung "Breakup With Her" Music Bank
"Separation Can Come Back"
Im Chang-jung "My Love" 2000
Big Bang "Day by Day" 2008 Music Bank
Wonder Girls "Nobody"
2PM "Again & Again" 2009 M Countdown
"Heartbeat" Music Bank
SHINee "Dream Girl" 2013 Show Champion
Apink "Luv" 2014 Music Bank
EXO "Call Me Baby" 2015 Music Bank and Music Core
Girls' Generation "Lion Heart" Music Bank
GFRIEND "Rough" 2016
TWICE "Cheer Up"
Last Updated: December 2, 2016


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