Murcott (fruit)


Citrus x nobilis 'W. Murcott', in the Linnean House of the Missouri Botanical Garden
Hybrid parentage Parents unknown; likely a tangor[1]
Cultivar Murcott
Marketing names 'Honey tangerine'
Origin Florida
A ripe Murcott fruit

The Murcott (marketed as: Honey Tangerine) is a tangor, or mandarinsweet orange hybrid.[1][2][3]

The murcott probably originated around 1916 in a US Department of Agriculture planting. The variety is named for Charles Murcott Smith, who grew them in Bayview (Pinellas County, Florida) from 1922.[1]

The trees grow upright, but often have branches bent or broken by heavy fruiting at the ends.[1]

It is widely grown in Florida, where it matures in January to March. Citrus scab and alternaria fungus disease attack Murcotts.[1]


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