was a United Kingdom based provider of mapping and location-based services. It was acquired by Microsoft in 2007 and merged into Bing Maps in 2010.[1]

History was founded circa 1997.[2] It offered street maps and door-to-door travel directions on a public web site. Other offerings included aerial photographs, local information, and business services. Services were also offered through its partners, including accommodation, restaurant and train-ticket booking. It also sold historic and aerial photograph prints. In 2004 the public web site regularly delivered more than 160 million page views per month and received more than 7.3 million unique users per quarter.

Unlike later online maps such as Google Maps, Multimap offered discrete panning by clicking links, a form of user interaction later displaced by continuous panning 'slippy' maps.

The Geo microformat is used to provide a Wikipedia map overlay generated from the official database download. This is used to browse geotagged articles.

In December 2007, the company was bought by Microsoft.[3]

In 2010 it was merged into the larger Bing Maps service.

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