Broad Front (Dominican Republic)

Frente Amplio
President Fidel Santana
Founded June 14, 1992 (1992-06-14)
Ideology Progressivism
Political position Left-wing

Broad Front (Spanish: Frente Amplio), previously named the Movement for Independence, Unity and Change (Spanish: Movimiento Independencia, Unidad y Cambio), is a political formation in the Dominican Republic with a leftist-progressive platform. On the May 16th, 2006 parliamentary election it got 9,735 votes (0.32%), but no seat.[1] In the municipal elections held simultaneously, MIUCA had its best performance in Peralvillo (1,271 votes, 16.36%) and Bayaguana (1,274 votes, 10.27%). Virtudes Álvarez has been its leader for some time.


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