Mount Wuteve

Mount Wuteve
Mount Wuteve


Highest point
Elevation 1,440 m (4,720 ft)
Listing Country high point
Coordinates 8°08′45″N 9°55′30″W / 8.14583°N 9.92500°W / 8.14583; -9.92500Coordinates: 8°08′45″N 9°55′30″W / 8.14583°N 9.92500°W / 8.14583; -9.92500
Location Liberia
Parent range Guinea Highlands of the West Africa Mountains

Mount Wuteve is a mountain located in Liberia, whose summit is the highest point in Liberia. It is located in the Guinea Highlands range, whose parent range is the West Africa Mountains. Data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission reveals that the correct elevation of its summit is 1,440 meters, and not the previously quoted 1,380 meters.[1] It is also known as Mount Wologizi among locals of the Loma tribe.


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