Mother Superior (band)

Mother Superior

From left: Marcus Blake, Matt Tecu, Jim Wilson
Background information
Origin United States
Genres Blues rock, hard rock, experimental
Years active 1993–2011
Labels Various
Associated acts Rollins Band, Motor Sister
Past members Jim Wilson
Marcus Blake
Matt Tecu
Jason Mackenroth

Mother Superior were an American, Los Angeles–based rock band, consisting of guitarist/vocalist Jim Wilson, bassist Marcus Blake and drummer Matt Tecu.[1] In addition to playing live with the Rollins Band and U2 producer Daniel Lanois, the band has done session work with Daniel Lanois, Henry Rollins, Tony Visconti, Alice Cooper, Meat Loaf, Emmylou Harris, Sparks, Anthrax, Wayne Kramer, Lemmy, George Clinton, Iggy Pop, Mike Patton, and Queens of the Stone Age. On their own they have released eight studio albums.


Former member, Jason Mackenroth, died on January 3, 2016, in Nevada from prostate cancer.[2]


Release Date Title Label Notes
1993 Right in a Row Self Produced An eight song recording/demo.
1996 The Heavy Soul Experience Top Beat Records
1997 Kaleidescope Top Beat Records
1998 Deep Top Beat Records Japanese version 1999 - Crown Records
2001 Mother Superior Triple X Records
2002 Sin Muscletone Records European version 2003 - Fargo Records
2004 13 Violets Top Beat Records European version 2004 - Fargo Records
2005 Moanin Bad Reputation (Matt Tecu joins on drums) Release in Europe
2007 Three Headed Dog Rosa Records Release in Europe
2008 Grande Kicking Records Release in Europe



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