Morosini family

Risen Christ with St. Andrew and members of the Morosini family (Vincenzo, his sons Andrea and Barbon, and wife Cecilia Pisani) by Tintoretto (1518–1594), on display in the Morosini family chapel in San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice.
The Palazzo Morosini del Pestrin on the Rio Dei Pestrin in Venice, built for the Morosini family ca. 1640. Picture taken from the end of calle delle Cavatto.
bust of Michelangelo by Sergio Rossetti Morosini

The Morosini were a noble Venetian family that gave many doges, statesmen, generals and admirals to the Venetian Republic, and cardinals to the Church. One legend says the family reached the Venetian lagoon in order to escape the invasion of Attila in northern Italy,[1] another source places the family’s origin namely in the city of Mantua.[2] It first became prominent at the time of the emperor Otto II owing to its rivalry with the Caloprini family, which it subjugated by the end of the 10th century.

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