Morning Musume auditions

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Morning Musume Audition
Genre Music
Location(s) Tokyo
Country Japan
Inaugurated 1998
Founder Tsunku
Attendance 5,000–25,000
Organized by Up-Front Agency (1998–2012)
Up Front Promotion (2013–)
Website (as of 2013) (organizer's website)

This is a list of auditions held for the J-pop group Morning Musume.

Tsuika Audition (2nd Generation Audition)

2nd Tsuika Audition (3rd Generation Audition)

3rd Tsuika Audition (4th Generation Audition)

Love Audition 21 (5th Generation Audition)

Love Audition 2002 (6th Generation Audition)

Lucky 7 Audition (7th Generation Audition)

Audition 2005 (7th Generation Audition)

Happy 8 Ki Audition (8th Generation Audition)

Kyuukie Audition (9th Generation Audition)

Genki Jirushi (10th Generation Audition)

Suppin Utahime (11th Generation Audition)

Mirai Shōjo (12th Generation Audition)

An official audition website was created in March 2013, calling for contestants age from 10 to 17 (as of 1 April 2013). Contestants are required to be free from any contractual relationship with any entertainment agency, and legal guardian's consent is required if contestant is under-age.

(Golden) Audition! (12th Generation)

Audition Details

Shinseiki Audition! (13th Generation)

Audition Details

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