More United

More United
Founded 24 July 2016 (2016-07-24)
Headquarters Penge, London[1]
Membership  (2016) Increase 63,222[2]
Ideology Liberalism
Market economy
Political position Centre to centre-left

More United is a liberal and progressive political movement in the United Kingdom officially launched on 24 July 2016.[3]


More United formed after the result of the 2016 UK referendum on EU membership. It was founded by a cross-party group including Paddy Ashdown, Jonathan Porritt and Caroline Criado-Perez amongst others, including both MPs and non-MPs.

At the Richmond Park by-election, 2016, More United voted to support Sarah Olney, who subsequently defeated the incumbent MP, Zac Goldsmith.[4]


The movement describes itself as a "tech-driven political startup" with principles similar to the Liberal Democrats, but a cross-party movement rather than a political party. The name "More United" is a reference to the House of Commons maiden speech of Jo Cox, the Labour member of parliament who was killed in June 2016.

The movement says it will support any candidate from any party which backs its principles:[5]


A number of prominent public figures have endorsed the movement's launch so far, with the following being listed as the organisation's Convenors:[6]

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