Monastery of the Corpus Christi (Luchente)

Monastery of the Corpus Christi

Location within Spain
Monastery information
Full name Monastery of the Corpus Christi
Established 13th century
Diocese Valencia
Location Luchente, (Valencia)
Coordinates 38°57′8.73″N 0°21′18.99″W / 38.9524250°N 0.3552750°W / 38.9524250; -0.3552750
Visible remains Restored.
Public access Yes

The Monastery of the Corpus Christi is located in the municipality of Luchente (Valencia), Spain. The convent building has its origins in an hermitage of the 13th century and was renovated in the 18th century. This monastery presents buildings from different eras, beginning the edification in the 14th century..[1]

The construction of this monastery is linked to the miracle of the Corporales which, according to tradition, took place here in the 13th century.

The set is ordered through a cloister, whose south side inside the classroom, the cells and the refectory. The cloister of square ground plan consists of two bodies, the lower with arches on pilasters with capitals decorated with Eucharistic motifs. The Church of Corpus Christi is located on the north side of the cloister of the monastery. It is a church with a nave divided into four sections with high choir at the foot. It is covered with vaults and Vault crashed on the High Choir. On the side of the epistle, it presents two adjoining chapels in the 18th century, the chapel of the Holy face and Chapel communion this last of greek cross with a dome on pendentives.

The construction of the church is made with masonry walls and stalls in the buttresses and corners. Eastward of the set is the courtyard of services around which distributed the different rooms for the operation of the monastery.


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