Moldova (newspaper)


Logo of the "Moldova" newspaper
Frequency semimonthly
First issue January 2, 1931
Final issue 1932
Country Romania
Language Romanian

Moldova was a semimonthly newspaper published in Bârlad, Romania.


Though presented as being independent, the paper was published under the patronage of the "Academia Bârlădeană". The first issue of the newspaper hit the stands on January 2, 1931 and it appeared regularly until December 26, 1931. The following year, No.1-2 was published on March 1, 1932, and No.3 (the newspapers' last) on June 15, 1932.

The editor in chief of the newspaper George Nedelea and its main supporter was George Tutoveanu, at that time prefect of Tutova County. The main concern of the newspaper was the literary activity in the city of Bârlad. Besides George Tutoveanu, its main contributors were G. G. Ursu, Teodor Vlad, George Damaschin, Zoe G. Frasin, Ştefan Cosma, C.V. Slobozeanu, George Pallady, Emil Tudor, Nicolae Costăchescu and Cicerone Mucenic. Political articles were signed, among others by Ion Palodă (Isac Veinfeld), Mihai Lupescu, Marieta Creangă, and Ioan Antoniu.[1]


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