Moderates (Italy)

Secretary Giacomo Portas
Founded 20 December 2005
Split from Forza Italia
Headquarters Via XX Settembre, 9
10121 Turin
Ideology Centrism
National affiliation Democratic Party
Chamber of Deputies
1 / 630
1 / 315

The Moderates (Italian: Moderati) are a regional centrist political party in Italy, active mainly in Piedmont. The party, whose leader is Giacomo Portas, is part of the centre-left coalition formed around the Democratic Party (PD).


The party was launched in January 2006 by Portas, a former member of Forza Italia (FI), and was joined by four regional councillors: Giuliano Manolino (ex-FI), Giovanni Pizzale (ex-IdV), Mauro Laus (ex-PD) and Graziella Valloggia (ex-PRC).[1]

In the 2006 municipal election in Turin the Moderates scored 4.0%, in 2007 they won 3.0% in Cuneo, 7.8% in Grugliasco and 10.0% in Moncalieri, in 2008 5.6% in Ivrea and 5.9% in Orbassano.

In the 2008 general election Portas was elected to the Chamber of Deputies as an independent from the list of the PD in the "Piedmont 1" constituency,[2][3] marking the party's entry in national politics.

In 2009 provincial elections the party won 2.7% in the Province of Turin, 2.1% in Alessandria, 1.7% in Cuneo and 0.8% in Novara,[4] and in that year municipal elections it obtained 10.4% in Nichelino and 6.7% in Piossasco.

In the 2010 regional election the Moderates won 3.1% of the vote regionally and 4.1% in the Province of Turin, where Michele Dell'Utri was elected regional councillor.[5] After the election, Giovanni Maria Ferraris was appointed regional minister.[6]

In the 2011 Turin municipal election the party garnered a sweeping 9.1% and four councillors, being crucial for the election of Democrat Piero Fassino as mayor.[7]

In the 2012 municipal elections the party won 6.5% in Alessandria,[8] 4.6% in Asti,[9] 6.8% in Cuneo,[10] and 11.9% in Grugliasco.[11] Lists with a similar name and symbol appeared also outside Piedmont, most notably in Piacenza, where "Moderates for Dosi" won 13.4% of the vote.[12]

The party contested the 2013 general election as part of the PD-led centre-left coalition Italy. Common Good[13] and Portas was re-elected to the Chamber.

In the 2014 regional election the party obatained 2.5% of the vote and two concillors.

In 2015 Michelino Davico, a senator from Cuneo elected with Lega Nord, joined the party, which was thus represented in both houses of the Italian Parliament.[14]

In 2016 the party formed a federative pact with Civic Choice (SC)[15][16][17][18][19][20] and sub-group within the Mixed Group of the Chamber of Deputies with three deputies (Marco Di Lello, S&D–PD; Lello Di Gioia, S&D–PD; Aniello Formisano, IdV), but not its leader Portars, who remained in the group of the PD.[21] In the 2016 local elections the Moderates won 5.9% in Turin,[22] 10.0% in Pinerolo[23] and 4.8% in Nichelino,[24] and, outside Piedmont, no remarkable results (including a mere 0.9% in Naples).[25]


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