Mockingbird (DART station)

Dallas Area Rapid Transit Mockingbird
DART light rail station

The station from above
Location 5465 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Texas 75206
Coordinates 32°50′16″N 96°46′30″W / 32.837874°N 96.774922°W / 32.837874; -96.774922Coordinates: 32°50′16″N 96°46′30″W / 32.837874°N 96.774922°W / 32.837874; -96.774922
Owned by Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Platforms island platform
Connections DART Routes 1, 21, 24, 76, 521 (M-F), and 768 (Mustang Express) (M-F)
DART On-Call Lakewood (M-F)
DART On-Call Park Cities (M-F)
Katy Trail
Structure type Trenched
Parking 708 free spaces, no overnight
Bicycle facilities 6 lockers, 9 racks
Disabled access Yes
Opened January 10, 1997[1]
Preceding station   DART   Following station
toward Westmoreland
Red Line
toward Parker Road
toward DFW Airport
Orange Line
toward Ledbetter
Blue Line

Mockingbird Station is a DART Light Rail station located in north Dallas, Texas (USA) at Mockingbird Lane and North Central Expressway (US 75). It opened in January 1997 and is a station on the Blue Line, Red Line and Orange Line Lines, serving the Mockingbird Station residential and retail development and nearby Southern Methodist University.

Mockingbird Lane has the highest density population within three miles of any mass transit station in Texas. It is also the northernmost DART station serving both the Red and Blue lines; from this point the lines diverge with the Red line heading north and the Blue line heading northeast.

Transit-oriented development adjacent to, and eponymous with, the station
A northbound train at the station


Texas' first Transit Oriented Development took place around this station. A few years after it was built, developers got together and designed the master plan for Mockingbird Station. This included an outdoor mall surrounding the station, which is one of the key points about the whole station. This brought new life to the area, spurring more development around the station. "What has done most to kindle interest in Dallas’s growing (and increasingly traffic-choked) suburbs is the TOD success story at Mockingbird Station. North of downtown Dallas, the Mockingbird Station capitalized on private developer initiative, a good site, strong local demographics, and an abundance of adjacent regional attractions."[2]

Mockingbird Station offers retail, restaurants, services, and entertainment options for travelers, along with loft apartments and an office building. Events are held on a regular basis and are open to the public. DTZ manages the property and Madison Marquette manages leasing initiatives. (Cassidy Turley managed the property until it merged into the DTZ brand in January 2015.)


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