Miwok languages

Ethnicity: Miwok
California, western slopes of Sierra Nevada
Linguistic classification:


Glottolog: miwo1275[1]

The Miwok or Miwokan languages (/ˈmwɒk/;[2] Miwok: [míwːɨːk]), also known as Moquelumnan, are a group of endangered languages spoken in central California in the Sierra Nevada. There are five somewhat diverse Miwok languages, two of which have distinct regional dialects (Sierra Miwok and Coast Miwok).[3] There are a few dozen speakers of the three Sierra Miwok languages, and in 1994 there were two speakers of Lake Miwok. The best attested language is Southern Sierra Miwok, from which we get the name Yosemite.[4]


1925 map of the Plains and Sierra Miwok territories


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