Mistress of the World

For the 1919 eight-part silent film, see The Mistress of the World.
Mistress of the World

German poster for part 1 of the film
Directed by
Produced by Artur Brauner[1]
Screenplay by
Based on Die Herrin der Welt
by Karl Figdor[2]
Music by Roman Vlad[1]
Cinematography Richard Angst
Edited by Ira Oberberg[1]
  • CCC Filmproduktion GmbH
  • Franco-London-Films S.A.
  • Continental Produzione[1]
Release dates
  • October 12, 1960 (1960-10-12) (Paris)
  • West Germany
  • France
  • Italy[1]

Mistress of the World (German: Die Herrin der Welt, French: Les mystères d'Angkor, Italian: Il mistero dei tre continenti) is a 1960 German-French-Italian science fiction-spy film directed by William Dieterle and starring Martha Hyer and Carlos Thompson.[3] It marked the comeback in his native country of the director William Dieterle after several decades spent in Hollywood.[4] In West Germany it was released in a longer version split in two parts (Die Herrin der Welt - Teil I and Die Herrin der Welt - Teil II).[4]



Mistress of the World was developed when producer Artur Brauner invested in a three-hour West German-French-Italian co-production.[5] Brauner contracted William Dieterle to direct the film.[5] The film was made with a predominantly German crew, but with a multi-national cast including Martha Hyer and Sabu from Hollywood, Carlos Thompson from Argentina and Gino Cervi from Italy, and Micheline Presle and Lino Ventura from France]].[5]

The film was shot between September 1959 and January 1960.[6] The film shot around the world, including Macau, Angkor, Nice, Hong Kong, Naples, Nepal, Sweden, Bangkok and in CCC Studios in Berlin.[6] While filming in Indochina, Dieterle left the production leaving cinematographer Richard Angst to take over directing.[5]


Mistress of the World was released in Paris on October 12, 1960.[1]


The film was not received well by critics in West Germany on its release.[5]

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