Missouri Sports Hall of Fame

Missouri Sports Hall of Fame
Established 1994
Location 3861 East Stan Musial Drive, Springfield, Missouri, United States
Coordinates 37°07′14″N 93°13′03″W / 37.1206°N 93.2174°W / 37.1206; -93.2174Coordinates: 37°07′14″N 93°13′03″W / 37.1206°N 93.2174°W / 37.1206; -93.2174
Website Missouri Sports Hall of Fame

The Missouri Sports Hall of Fame is located in Springfield, Missouri, United States. Founded by Springfield businessman John Q. Hammons[1] in 1994, the Hall of Fame showcases over 4,000 items of sports memorabilia[2] and exhibits related to Missouri amateur and professional athletics. The two-story, 32,000 square foot building also features a number of interactive presentations that allow visitors to experience auto racing in the NASCAR simulator, step into the batters box against a Major League Baseball pitcher, throw football passes, and much more.[3] Adjacent to the Hall is the Legends Walk of Fame, a plaza-like outdoor setting featuring busts and statuary of notable Show-Me state sports figures honored with the yearly Legends Award.[2]

Criteria for inclusion

In order to be considered for the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame an individual or team must have

  1. been born in Missouri,
  2. made their sports career in Missouri, and/or
  3. contributed to amateur or professional sports in Missouri at the time of induction.

Nominees are presented to a selection board who then choose which will be inducted into the Hall. As the number of inductees has steadily grown each year, a series of regional events is held around the state rather than having all new inductees travel to Springfield. Individuals are the most common inductees although in some instances entire teams that have performed in an exemplary manner or businesses that have been strong supporters of athletics in Missouri have also been enshrined in the Hall.


Year Name Sport
1951Carl HubbellBaseball
1952Casey StengelBaseball
1952Phog AllenBasketball
1953Don FaurotFootball
1953Bill CorumMedia
1954Cal HubbardFootball
1954Cal HubbardOfficial
1955Vern KennedyBaseball
1956Brutus HamiltonTrack & Field
1957C.E. McBrideMedia
1958Zack WheatBaseball
1959George GoldmanBasketball
1960Paul ChristmanFootball
1961Henry IbaBasketball
1962Don CarterBowling
1963Stan MusialBaseball
1963Dwight DavisTennis
1963Bob SimpsonTrack & Field
1964Jim ConzelmanFootball
1964Horton SmithGolf
1964Helen StephensTrack & Field
1965Branch RickeyBaseball
1965George SislerBaseball
1965J.G. Taylor SpinkMedia
1966Gabby StreetBaseball
1966Charley GrimmBaseball
1966Henry ArmstrongBoxing
1967Frank ErvinHarness Racing
1967Ed WrayMedia
1967Ernie MehlMedia
1968Clark GriffithBaseball
1968Bob SteuberFootball
1968Opal HillGolf
1969Ed MacauleyBasketball
1969Gwinn HenryFootball
1969Lela Hall FrankTrapshooting
1970Dizzy DeanBaseball
1970Yogi BerraBaseball
1970Joe GaragiolaMedia
1970Robert HylandSports Medicine
1971Darold JenkinsFootball
1971Bob CochranGolf
1971Hershel NeilTrack & Field
1972Frank FrischBaseball
1972Herb BunkerBasketball
1972Brick TravisFootball
1973George EdwardsBasketball
1973Dan DevineFootball
1974Abe StuberFootball
1974Harry SmithFootball
1975August Busch, Jr.Baseball
1975Craig RubyBasketball
1976Ewing KauffmanBaseball
1976Glenn WrightBaseball
1977John "Hi" SimmonsBaseball
1977Forrest DeBernardiBasketball
1977Tom BottsTrack & Field
1978Dick WeberBowling
1978Bob BroegMedia
1978Bob BurnesMedia
1978Dee BoeckmannTrack & Field
1979Satchel PaigeBaseball
1979Sparky StalcupBasketball
1980Cool Papa BellBaseball
1980Buddy BlattnerMedia
1980Jack BuckMedia
1981Cotton FitzsimmonsBasketball
1981Volney AshfordFootball
1981W.A. Boyd, Jr.Football
1983Bill VirdonBaseball
1983Jim JacksonGolf
1983E.L. NiedermeyerSports Medicine
1983Harriett Bland GreenTrack & Field
1984Tom WatsonGolf
1984Joe McGuffMedia
1984Bill JonesSports Medicine
1984Bruce MelinSports Medicine
1984Glenn McElroySports Medicine
1984Harrison WeaverSports Medicine
1984Isadore MiddlemanSports Medicine
1984James BakerSports Medicine
1984Oliver DeVictorSports Medicine
1984Wayne RudySports Medicine
1985Paul MeyerSports Medicine
1985Reed MaxsonSports Medicine
1985Stan LondonSports Medicine
1986Andy McDonaldBasketball
1986Pete AdkinsFootball
1986Harvey MichaelSports Medicine
1987Red SchoendienstBaseball
1987Bob KurlandBasketball
1987Bernard GarfinkelSports Medicine
1987E.A. PorterSports Medicine
1987James LeslieSports Medicine
1987Paul McGannonSports Medicine
1987Harlan HunterSports Medicine
1987Aldo SebbenTrack & Field
1988Bertha TeagueBasketball
1988Bill BradleyBasketball
1988Billy KeyBasketball
1988Bob BrownBasketball
1988D.C. WilcuttBasketball
1988Denver MillerBasketball
1988Emil ListonBasketball
1988Franklin SmithBasketball
1988Fred BiesemeyerBasketball
1988Gene BessBasketball
1988Gene SteighorstBasketball
1988Ron JonesBasketball
1988Russ KaminskyBasketball
1988Ryland MilnerFootball/basketball
1988Ronald VanDamSports Medicine
1988Gary HazelriggSports Medicine
1988John OmohundroSports Medicine
1988C.E. BarnhartTrapshooting
1989Pop SpringerBasketball
1989Bob VanattaBasketball
1989Boyd KingBasketball
1989Dick BoushkaBasketball
1989Donn FosterBasketball
1989Eddie HickeyBasketball
1989Gary FilbertBasketball
1989Gene BartowBasketball
1989Harry GallatinBasketball
1989James WilsonBasketball
1989Jodie BaileyBasketball
1989John BrownBasketball
1989Larry AtwoodBasketball
1989Louis KastnerBasketball
1989Maurice JohnBasketball
1989Norm StewartBasketball
1989Ray DeGreefBasketball
1989Rex BaileyBasketball
1989Marty EddlemonMedia
1989Richard BowlesSports Medicine
1990Arvel PoppBasketball
1990Bill StaufferBasketball
1990Bill ThomasBasketball
1990Bob SechrestBasketball
1990Burl HendersonBasketball
1990Chuck SmithBasketball
1990Claude SamsonBasketball
1990Curtis PerryBasketball
1990Don WilliamsBasketball
1990Earl KethBasketball
1990Erv LeimerBasketball
1990Forrest HamiltonBasketball
1990James NelsonBasketball
1990Jerry AndersonBasketball
1990Joe KleineBasketball
1990John CooperBasketball
1990Jon SundvoldBasketball
1990Larry DrewBasketball
1990Max HayesBasketball
1990Palmer NicholsBasketball
1990Richard FairchildBasketball
1990Lamar HuntFootball
1990Mahlon AldridgeMedia
1990Robert M. CarlsonMedia
1990Red WeirOfficial
1990Howard EllfeldtSports Medicine
1991Bob MurreyAdministrator
1991Al EberhardBasketball
1991Bill BartonBasketball
1991George ShermanBasketball
1991Harold AlcornBasketball
1991Harry RogersBasketball
1991Jo Jo WhiteBasketball
1991Lionel SmithBasketball
1991Marvin NealsBasketball
1991Nancy RutterBasketball
1991Norman WagnerBasketball
1991Ronnie CooksonBasketball
1991Tyke YatesBasketball
1991Walt ShublomBasketball
1991Ed OsiekOfficial
1992Irwin KellerAdministrator
1992Ken BoyerBaseball
1992Lou BrockBaseball
1992Marty MarionBaseball
1992Roy SieversBaseball
1992Terry MooreBaseball
1992Red ReaganBasketball
1992Skip WolfeBasketball
1992Ben KernerBasketball
1992Bob NelsonBasketball
1992Carla EadesBasketball
1992Cave BarrowsBasketball
1992Clarence IbaBasketball
1992Dan PippenBasketball
1992Don GosenBasketball
1992Earl IbaBasketball
1992Earl JansenBasketball
1992Finis BarrowsBasketball
1992George WilsonBasketball
1992Gil HanlinBasketball
1992Harold BarrowsBasketball
1992Harold RobertsonBasketball
1992Howard IbaBasketball
1992Jim WilkinsonBasketball
1992John BarrowsBasketball
1992Kim AndersonBasketball
1992Lee McKinneyBasketball
1992Lloyd BarrowsBasketball
1992Med ParkBasketball
1992Ray Bob CareyBasketball
1992Raymond BarrowsBasketball
1992Ruth Casey OsburnBasketball
1992Tom StantonBasketball
1992Ray BluthBowling
1992John Q. HammonsContributor
1992Amadee WohlschlaegerMedia
1992Alex GeorgeOfficial
1992Harry KeoughSoccer
1992Doc BaumanSports Medicine
1992Red WilliamsSports Medicine
1992Ivan MiltonSports Medicine
1992Dick NewmanWater Polo
1992Sam MuchnickWrestling
1993Bill CallahanAdministrator
1993Alberta Lee CoxBasketball
1993Bob PettitBasketball
1993Carl RitterBasketball
1993Jack RobertsBasketball
1993Jerry BuescherBasketball
1993Jim BallBasketball
1993Melford WaitsBasketball
1993Robert WilhoitBasketball
1993Walt SchoenkeBasketball
1993Harry IceFootball
1993Jim KekerisFootball
1993Maurice Red WadeFootball
1993Dave DorrMedia
1993Stan IsleMedia
1993Jenks JenkinsOfficial
1993Larry ZirbelOfficial
1993Buss CarrSports Medicine
1993Dick AultTrack & Field
1993John FurlaTrack & Field
1994Buck O'NeilBaseball
1994Whitey HerzogBaseball
1994Frank WhiteBaseball
1994George BrettBaseball
1994Jerry LumpeBaseball
1994Bill BradleyBasketball
1994Charlie SpoonhourBasketball
1994Cliff HaganBasketball
1994Wayne WinsteadBasketball
1994Harold EnsleyFishing
1994Jackie SmithFootball
1994Kellen WinslowFootball
1994Len DawsonFootball
1994Otis TaylorFootball
1994Roger WehrliFootball
1994Duke GibsonGolf
1994Hale IrwinGolf
1994Herman KeiserGolf
1994Payne StewartGolf
1994Bill GrigsbyMedia
1994Bob CostasMedia
1994Fred WappelSports Medicine
1994Joe DolanSports Medicine
1995Bobby BellFootball
1995Marion MorganSports Medicine
1995Butch BuchholzTennis
1995Christie FreemanWaterskiing
1996Bing DevineBaseball
1996Bob GibsonBaseball
1996Carl RichardBowling
1996Hank StramFootball
1996Jan StenerudFootball
1996Ken LanningGolf
1996Jimmy JonesHorse Trainer
1996Pat McBrideSoccer
1997Dan QuisenberryBaseball
1997Ozzie SmithBaseball
1997Carroll CooksonBasketball
1997Larry JansenBasketball
1997Mike TodorovichBasketball
1997Fred ArbanasFootball
1997Mike ShanahanHockey
1997Johnny MorrisOutdoorsman
1997Jack RockwellSports Medicine
1997Randy BiggerstaffSports Medicine
1997Ginny FuldnerSwimming
1998Rusty WallaceAuto Racing
1998Preacher RoeBaseball
1998Hank BauerBaseball
1998John Earl ChaseBasketball
1998Sue SchubleBasketball/volleyball
1998Flora MitchellBowling
1998Ed BuddeFootball
1998Jerry JonesFootball
1998Jim HartFootball
1998Paul MartelFootball
1998Rickey McCormickWater Skiing
1999Mary Jo WynnAdministrator
1999Enos SlaughterBaseball
1999Fred PatekBaseball
1999Stan MusialBaseball
1999Fred Pohlman, Jr.Basketball
1999Hugh DunnBasketball
1999Melody HowardBasketball
1999Leon SpinksBoxing
1999John HowardCycling
1999Dan DierdorfFootball
1999Johnny RobinsonFootball
1999Len DawsonFootball
1999Willie LanierFootball
1999Mike ShannonMedia
1999Marion WolfSports Medicine
1999Eddie WilliamsWrestling
2000Darrell PorterBaseball
2000Gaylord PerryBaseball
2000Orlando CepedaBaseball
2000Tom HenkeBaseball
2000Al HouserBasketball
2000Bob FerryBasketball
2000Cheryl BurnettBasketball
2000Denny BurrowsBasketball
2000Norm StewartBasketball
2000Nelson Burton, Jr.Bowling
2000Mo MoormanFootball
2000Curt MerzFootball
2000Larry WilsonFootball
2000Paul MullinsFootball
2000Payne StewartGolf
2000Jack BuckMedia
2001Larry PhillipsAuto Racing
2001Don GutteridgeBaseball
2001Willie WilsonBaseball
20011967 & 1968 Bradleyville Eagles BasketballBasketball
2001Steve StipanovichBasketball
2001Joe Bill DixonCross Country/track
2001Ernie DaughteryFishing
2001Dick VermeilFootball
2001Don FaurotFootball
2001Marcus AllenFootball
2001Jim Tom BlairGolf
2001Bob BroegMedia
2001Ned ReynoldsMedia
2001Al ConwayOfficial
2001Larry NemmersOfficial
20011950 U.S. World Cup soccer teamSoccer
2001Patrick HarrSports Medicine
2001Lori Endicott-VandersnickVolleyball
20021968 William Jewell College Cardinals BaseballBaseball
2002Bob ForschBaseball
2002Buck O'NeilBaseball
2002Dick BirminghamBaseball
2002Paul SplittorffBaseball
20021978-79 Drury College Panthers BasketballBasketball
2002Bud LathropBasketball
2002Jackie StilesBasketball
2002Johnny CopelandBoxing
2002Jerry ClintonContributor
2002John Q. HammonsContributor
2002Bob FairchildFootball
2002Deron CherryFootball
2002Bernie FederkoHockey
2002Bob KehoeSoccer
2002Lou TheszWrestling
2003Al HraboskyBaseball
2003Dennis LeonardBaseball
2003George BrettBaseball
2003George KissellBaseball
2003Al WallerBasketball
2003Jack BushBasketball
2003Bill LaurieContributor
2003Charlie CampbellFishing
2003Christian OkoyeFootball
2003Conrad DoblerFootball
2003Gil RectorFootball
2003Ozarks Coca-Cola/Dr Pepper Bottling CompanyJQH Founders Award
2003Jack FetteOfficial
2003Rita Hoff ScottRacquetball
20032002 St. Joseph Casino Players SoftballSoftball
2003Marty PratherSports Fan
2004Bill RoweAdministrator
20041954 University of Missouri Tigers BaseballBaseball
2004Hal McRaeBaseball
2004Rick SutcliffeBaseball
2004Tim McCarverBaseball
2004Floyd IronsBasketball
2004Bob ShoreFootball
2004Derland MooreFootball
2004Hank StramFootball
2004Jim KearneyFootball
2004Lamar HuntFootball
2004Great Southern BankJQH Founders Award
2004John RooneyMedia
2004Dave PhillipsOfficial
2004Bill SeeboldPowerboat Racing
2004Gene GieselmannSports Medicine
2004Jodie AdamsTennis/administrator
2005Edsel MatthewsAdministrator
2005Jerry HughesAdministrator
2005Jeffrey ClintonAuto Racing
2005Masten GregoryAuto Racing
2005Bo JacksonBaseball
2005Red SchoendienstBaseball
2005Ted SimmonsBaseball
20051988, 1989 & 1990 Marshfield High SchoolBasketball
2005Lady Jays BasketballBasketball
2005Art StillFootball
2005Gus OttoFootball
2005Jim HanifanFootball
2005John KadlecFootball
2005Ted ChittwoodFootball
2005Meyer CommunicationsJQH Founders Award
2005Denny MatthewsMedia
2005Carl PetersonSports Executive
2006Dan KinneyAdministrator
2006Jeff MontgomeryBaseball
2006Tony La RussaBaseball
20061984 Central Missouri State UniversityBasketball
2006Lynn NanceBasketball
2006Mules & Jennies Basketball TeamsBasketball
2006Kristin FolklBasketball/volleyball
2006Bill SnyderFootball
2006Bobby BellFootball
2006Chuck SheltonFootball
2006Gary SpaniFootball
2006Norris PattersonFootball
2006McQueary Brothers Drug CompanyJQH Founders Award
2006Richard Osborn, Sr.Martial Arts
2006Greg MarecekMedia
2006Bob ChandlerMotorsports
2006Rusty WallaceMotorsports
2006David ColtSports Medicine
2007Bruce SutterBaseball
2007Gene McArtorBaseball
2007Jim EisenreichBaseball
2007Walt JockettyBaseball
2007Lou AdamieBaseball Scorekeeper
2007Bill RossBasketball/golf
20071941-48 Missouri Valley College Football TeamsFootball
2007Curtis McClintonFootball
2007Doug PottsFootball
2007Russ SloanFootball
2007Pat LeahyFootball/soccer
2007Hillyard, IncJQH Founders Award
2007Mark CurpLong Distance Runner
2007Jay Randolph, Sr.Media
2007Ron ZetcherOfficial
2007Erma Bergie BergmannSoftball/baseball
2007Brian ReynoldsSwimming
2008John WathanBaseball
2008Keith HernandezBaseball
2008Lee ThomasBaseball
2008Charlie ShareBasketball
2008George WilsonBasketball
2008John BrownBasketball
2008Sandy PomerantzBasketball
2008SEMO 1984 Cross Country TeamCross Country
2008Gary O'NealFootball
2008Jim ReddFootball
2008Neil SmithFootball
2008Rod SmithFootball
2008Earl DennyFootball / Track
2008Tommy BurnettHandball / Football
2008Rick HummelMedia
2008SMSU 1974 Softball TeamSoftball
2008Trish KnightVolleyball
2009Will ShieldsFootball
2009Todd WorrellBaseball
2009Grant WistromFootball
2009Stan KroenkeBusiness
2009John MayberryBaseball
2009Al TrostSoccer
2009Bill TobinFootball
2009Vince TobinFootball
2009Marvin D. LaroseFootball
2009Larry HolleyBasketball
2009Reba SimsBasketball
2009Bob BrownBasketball
2009Steve HancockFootball
2009Thomas A. LombardoFootball
2009Saint Louis University 50 Years Of SoccerSoccer
20091959 Parkview Tastemark American Legion Junior Baseball TeamBaseball
20091959 St. Agnes Basketball Team & Coach Robert TaylorBasketball
2009Matt LemmonMedia
2010White River Valley ElectricBusiness
20101979 Southwest Missouri State (now Missouri State) University Women’s Field Hockey TeamsField Hockey
2010Mid State Oil Softball 1974–1979 TeamsBaseball
2010Irl RobinsonGolf
2010Kenny AdamsBoxing
2010Ellen Gale Hopkins GreenSwimming
2010Mark MussoSpecial Olympics
2010Leo Harrison IIITrap Shooter
2010Peter HerschendCyclist
2010Martin HaganRifle
2010Dewey CombsFootball
2010Roy GreenBasketball
2010John BryantTennis
2010Mel TjeerdsmaFootball
2010Bruce Van DykeFootball
2010Tom PagnozziBaseball
2010Mark GubiczaBaseball
2010Kellen WinslowFootball
2010Marty SchottenheimerFootball
2011Priest HolmesFootball
2011Tom HerrBaseball
2011Kenny SchraderAuto Racing
2011Mike MathenyBaseball
2011Johnny RolandFootball
2011Jack EmmittFishing
2011Jess BolenBaseball
2011Vernon "Hap" WhitneyWrestling
2011Stephanie PhillipsBasketball
2011Randy MorrowFootball
2011Ray CliffeFootball
2011Monsignor Louis F. MeyerSoccer
2011Linda DollarVolleyball
2011Dick ZitzmannMedia
2011Dr. Mildred BarnesBasketball
2011Ed CrenshawBasketball
2011Gary FilbertBasketball
2011Central BankJQH Founder Award
2012Jim EdmondsBaseball
2012Emmitt ThomasFootball
2012Jon SundvoldBasketball
2012Jamie QuirkBaseball
2012Mel GrayFootball
2012Al OnofrioFootball
2012Mickey OwenBaseball
2012Dr. Richard LehmanSports Medicine
2012Rex SinquefieldChess
2012Lawrence WallsFootball
2012Jim PearsonGolf/Football
2012Richard HantakFootball
2012Ellen Fuson PortGolf
2012Clyde LearMedia
2012Gene RubleBasketball
2012Columbia College Women's VolleyballVolleyball
2012New Haven High School BasketballBasketball
2012St. John's Health SystemJQH Founder's Award
2012Dr. John D. Bailey[4]Sports Medicine
2012Shane Cavanah[4]Football Coaching
2012Bill Clark[4]Baseball/Media
2012Gary "Skip" Grossnickle[4]Football
2012Gerald "Shag" Grossnickle[4]Football/Hunting
2012Darold Knowles[4]Baseball
2012Ben Pitney[4]Basketball
2012Bob Roberts[4]Basketball Coaching
20121969, 1970, 1971 Northeast Missouri State University football teams[4]Football
2013Mike Sweeney [5]Baseball
2013David Eckstein [5] Baseball
2013Tony Richardson [5]Football
2013Tom Rutledge [6]Track
2013Scott Bailes [6] Baseball
2013Kim Anderson [6] Basketball
2013Harley Race [7] Pro Wrestling
2013Conrad Hitchler [7] Football
2013Ron Jacober [7] Media
2013Joe Scott [7] Basketball
2013Linda Lampkin [7] Volleyball
2013Dale Russell [7] Basketball
2013Richard Seagrave [7] Sports medicine
2013Dave Palmeiro [7] Football
2013Jim Chappell [7] JQH Founders Award
2014Dr. Mark AdamsSports medicine
2014Empire BankJQH Founders Award
2014Teri ClemensVolleyball
2014Dave DuncanBaseball
2014Bonus FrostSoftball
2014Andy HillFootball
2014Hillcrest High School and American Legion BaseballBaseball
2014Bob KendrickBaseball/Administrator
2014Gary LinkMedia
2014Dr. Pat LipiraSoftball/Volleyball
2014Mike MacfarlaneBaseball
2014Willie McGeeBaseball
2014Becky OakesAdministrator
2014Parkway West High School Swimming ProgramSwimming
2014Robert PennFootball
2014Ed PodolakFootball
2014Jason PyrahCross Country/Track and Field
2014Neil RackersFootbal
2014Steve RogersBaseball
2014Tom SmithBasketball
2014Luke SnyderBull riding
2014Jack SteckSwimming
2014Warren TurnerBaseball
2014Patty ViveritoAdministrator
2014Mechelle VoepelMedia
2014Dr. Mary Jo WynnAdministrator
2015Ken AshAdministrator
2015Cheryl BurnettBasketball
2015Joe CastiglioneAdministrator
2015Al EberhardBasketball
2015John HenageFootball/administrator
2015Charlie JamesBaseball
20151992 Missouri State Lady Bears Final Four teamBasketball
20152001 Missouri State Lady Bears Final Four teamBasketball
2015Gayle LampeEquestrian
2015Ben LoebTennis
2015Squeaky MarquartSports Fan
2015Jack MilesAdministrator
20151952, 1953 NAIA Champions MSU Bears Basketball
20151964–1966 Parkview's Jolly Green GiantsBasketball
2015Patti PhillipsAdministrator
2015Karen RapierBasketball
2015Cathy ReynoldsGolf
2015Jerome SallyFootball
2015Dr. Pat SmithSports medicine
2015Gary StanfieldBasketball
2015Jon SundvoldBasketball
2015Suzy ThompsonCheerleading
2015Kate WalkerPowerlifting
2015Larry YoungRace walking

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