Miss Earth Venezuela 2005

Miss Earth Venezuela 2005
Date June 1, 2005
Presenters Daniela Kosán
Venue Hard Rock Cafe Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela
Broadcaster La Tele
Entrants 15
Winner Alexandra Braun

Miss Earth Venezuela 2005, or Sambil Models Caracas 2005, was held on June 1, 2005 in the Hard Rock Cafe Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela. The winner was Alexandra Braun, and competed in the Miss Earth 2005 beauty pageant, in the Philippines on October 23, 2005, when she won the first crown for Venezuela. She also won the special prize Best in Swimsuit.[1][2]




  • Alexandra Braun
  • Ana Mazzocca
  • Daniela Angarita
  • Dayana Domínguez
  • Gabriela Carrascal

  • Johanna Vargas
  • Leonela Castro
  • Lorena Loera
  • María Escalante
  • Myriam Abreu

  • Natalia Barrantes
  • Shannon de Lima
  • Stephanie Salazar
  • Susana Girardi
  • Yogheisa Adrián


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