Mir Jafar Dasni

Mir Jafar bin Mir Hasan Dasni (Kurdish: Mîr Ceferê Dasnî, Arabic: الأمير جعفر بن الأمير حسن الداسني), also known as Jafar bin Faharjis, was a leader of the ethno-religious group of the Yazidi people who in 838 launched an uprising against Abbasid Caliph al-Mutasim in the area north of Mosul. After being defeated at Babagesh he resided in castles in Dasin.[1][2] Mutasim in response sent an army under command of Abdullah bin Ans al-Azdi, resulting in an armed confrontation between the Arab army and Kurds. Due to the difficulty of the terrain, the Arab army proved unsuccessful, suffered heavy casualties and a number of its commanders including Abdullah's uncle Ishaq bin Ans and his father-in-law were killed.

Mutassim had purchased a Khazar slave, called Itakh. He appointed him as commander of his army. Itakh defeated Mir Jafar's troops in 841 and killed many Kurds.[3] In order to avoid being captured alive, Mir Jafar committed suicide by drinking poison.

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