Minority languages of Austria

Languages of Austria

Bilingual signs in Ludmannsdorf
Minority languages

Minority or regional languages spoken in autochthonous settlement in Austria are Croatian in Burgenland, Slovene in Carinthia and Styria, Hungarian in Burgenland and Vienna, Czech in Vienna, Slovak in Vienna, Romany in Burgenland.[1] Country signed the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages on 5 November 1992 and it became effective under international law on 1 October 2001.[1] The Austrian Federal Constitution calls for the respect and promotion of ethnic groups resident in Austria and special set of rights are established in the Ethnic Group Act German: Volksgruppengesetz of 1976 for Croats, Slovenes, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks and for Romani people.[2] The rights of the Croats and Slovenes are also set forth in the Austrian State Treaty.[2] In the view of the representatives of the speakers of minority languages, the federal laws concerning regional or minority languages as well as the application of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in Austria were too restrictive.[3]


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