Ministry of Education (Thailand)

Ministry of Education

"The Seal of the Wheel of Law on the Boundary Stone" by Prince Narisara Nuvadtivongs
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Thailand
Headquarters 319, Ratchawanlop Mansion, Chan Kasem Palace, Khet Dusit, Bangkok
Ministers responsible
  • Gen Dapong Ratanasuwan[1], Minister of Education
  • Gen Surachet Chaiwong[1], Deputy Minister
  • Mr Teerakiat Jareonsettasin[1], Deputy Minister

The Ministry of Education (Thai: กระทรวงศึกษาธิการ; rtgs: Krasuang Sueksathikan; Abrv: MOE) is a Thai governmental body responsible for the oversight of education in Thailand. It was established by King Rama V (Chulalongkorn) in 1892 as the Ministry of Education (กระทรวงธรรมการ Krasuang Thammakan) which controlled religion, education, healthcare, and museums. In 1941, the ministry changed its Thai name to the present one.

Its headquarters have been located at the Chan Kasem Palace since 1937.[2]


"Quality student-centred education is provided for everyone with distribution of equitable education opportunities, in cities, rural and outreached areas. Education leads to people's vigour building. Vigourous and knowledgeable people are powerful capital to fight poverty[sic]."[3]



Functional departments

Public organizations

Public Organization in Public Organization Act. B.E. 2442

Public Organization in Specifically Act.


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