Ministry of Education (Israel)

Ministry of Education
משרד החינוך

Ministry of Education Headquarters
Agency overview
Formed 1949
Preceding agencies
  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
  • Ministry of Education and Culture
Jurisdiction Government of Israel
Headquarters Lev Ram Building, Musrara, Jerusalem
31°46′5.12″N 35°13′25.98″E / 31.7680889°N 35.2238833°E / 31.7680889; 35.2238833Coordinates: 31°46′5.12″N 35°13′25.98″E / 31.7680889°N 35.2238833°E / 31.7680889; 35.2238833
Annual budget 42 billion New Shekel[1]
Minister responsible

The Israeli Ministry of Education (Hebrew: מִשְׂרָד הַחִנּוּךְ, translit. Misrad HaHinukh) is the branch of government charged with overseeing public education institutions in Israel. The department is headed by the Minister of Education, who is a member of the cabinet. The ministry has previously included culture and sport, although this is now covered by the Ministry of Culture and Sport.


Ministry offices on Street of the Prophets in Jerusalem

In the first decade of statehood, the education system was faced with the task of establishing a network of kindergartens and schools for a rapidly growing student population. In 1949, there were 80,000 elementary school students. By 1950, there were 120,000 - an increase of nearly 150 percent within the span of one year. Israel also took over responsibility for the education of Arab schoolchildren. The first minister of education was Zalman Shazar, later president of the State of Israel.[2] Since 2002, the Ministry of Education has awarded a National Education Award to five top localities in recognizing excellence in investing substantial resources in the educational system.[3] In 2012, first place was awarded to the Shomron Regional Council and followed by Or Yehuda, Tiberias, Eilat and Beersheba. The prize has been awarded to a variety of educational institutions including kindergartens and elementary schools.

List of ministers

# Minister Party Governments Term start Term end Notes
Minister of Education and Culture
1Zalman ShazarMapai110 March 19491 November 1950
2David RemezMapai21 November 195019 May 1951Died in office
3David Ben-GurionMapai219 May 19518 October 1951Serving Prime Minister
4Ben-Zion DinurMapai3, 4, 5, 68 October 19513 November 1955
5Zalman AranMapai7, 8, 93 November 195510 May 1960
6Abba EbanMapai9, 103 August 196026 June 1963
Zalman AranMapai, Alignment11, 12, 1326 June 196315 December 1969
7Yigal AllonAlignment15, 1615 December 19693 June 1974
8Aharon YadlinAlignment173 June 197420 June 1977
9Zevulun HammerNational Religious Party18, 19, 2020 June 197713 September 1984
10Yitzhak NavonAlignment21, 22, 2313 September 198415 March 1990
Zevulun HammerNational Religious Party2411 June 199013 July 1992
11Shulamit AloniMeretz2513 July 199211 May 1993
12Yitzhak RabinLabor2511 May 19937 June 1993Serving Prime Minister
Minister of Education, Culture and Sport
13Amnon RubinsteinMeretz25, 263 May 199418 June 1996
Zevulun HammerNational Religious Party2718 June 199620 January 1998Died in office
14Yitzhak LevyNational Religious Party2725 February 19986 July 1999
Minister of Education
15Yossi SaridMeretz286 July 199924 June 2000
16Ehud BarakOne Israel2824 September 20007 March 2001 Serving Prime Minister
Minister of Education, Culture and Sport
17Limor LivnatLikud29, 307 March 200114 January 2006
18Meir SheetritKadima3018 January 20064 May 2006
Minister of Education
19Yuli TamirLabor314 May 200631 March 2009
20Gideon Sa'arLikud3231 March 200918 March 2013
21Shai PironYesh Atid3318 March 20134 December 2014
22Naftali BennettThe Jewish Home3414 May 2015


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