Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs (Gambia)

Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs of The Gambia
Abdou Kolley

since 16 March 2015
Member of Cabinet of the Gambia
Reports to President of the Gambia

The Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs is a minister in the Cabinet of the Gambia who is responsible for the financial management of government affairs, drawing up the budget, and developing economic policy. In 1985, Minister of Finance Saikouba Sisay designed and implemented an Economic Recovery Programme.[1] In 1992, a review of the Directorate of Customs commissioned by the Gambian government and performed by HM Customs and Excise found that the Gambian Minister of Finance granted duty waivers without sufficient acceptance guidelines, proper monitoring, or control of imports.[2] In 1994, Minister of Finance Bakary B. Dabo was dismissed from the position because of his alleged involvement in the failed coup attempt of November 11.[3]

List of Ministers of Finance and Economic Affairs

Photo Name Term of office Notes
Bala Garba Jahumpa 1994 1997
Musa Gibril Bala Gaye 25 September 2003 March 2005
Musa Gibril Bala Gaye November 2005 June 2009
Abdou Kolley June 2009 March 2010
Abdou Kolley 21 July 2010 27 January 2011
Mambury Njie February 2011 16 April 2012
Abdou Kolley 16 April 2012 10 July 2013
Kebba S. Touray 10 July 2013 16 March 2015
Abdou Kolley 16 March 2015 Incumbent


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