Mingxin Academy

Coordinates: 23°49′38.9″N 120°47′58.7″E / 23.827472°N 120.799639°E / 23.827472; 120.799639

Mingxin Academy

The Mingxin Academy (Chinese: 鳳儀書院; pinyin: Fèngyí Shūyuàn) is a former tutorial academy in Jiji Township, Nantou County, Taiwan.[1]


The academy was built in 1885 during the Qing Dynasty rule as the first private school within the area. In 1985, the building was designated as Grade 3 historic site.


The library is arranged with old bookshelves, desks and chairs. There are also various kinds of traditional handicrafts displayed outside the academy building.


The building is accessible within walking distance east of Jiji Station of Taiwan Railways Administration.

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