Mina Minovici

Mina Minovici (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈmina ˈminovit͡ʃʲ]; 1857 – April 25, 1933) was a Romanian forensic scientist, famous for his extensive research regarding cadaverous alkaloids, putrefaction, simulated mind diseases, and criminal anthropology. He was born into a family of Aromanian origin.[1] Professor Mina Minovici, Director of the first Institute of Legal Medicine built in Bucharest, Romania in 1892, and the founder of the modern medico-legal system, was one of the most prominent personalities in this field of activity in Europe at that time. In 1885 he started his forensic training in Paris with Professor Paul Brouardel and soon after he became his assistant. He was the first to expand the concept of the morgue and created the term "legal medicine" as a way of organizing research, teaching and forensic activity. His Institute, founded in 1892, was demolished in 1985 by the communist regime. [2]


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