Type Korean noodles
Place of origin Korea
Main ingredients Noodles (flour, sweet potato and potato starch), meat broth, vegetables
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Milmyeon (Hangul: 밀면, meaning "flour noodle") is a Korean dish of long and thin noodles similar to naengmyeon, representing the dishes of Busan. The noodle is basically mixing flour powder with starches of sweet potato and potato with meat broth, which bring it and water, several kinds of vegetables to a simmer in saucepan. The mixture of flour is not fixed at certain ingredients, leading to several transformation like using Artemisia princeps for ssuk milmyeon (쑥 밀면). Milmyeon also has its variety of mul milmyeon and bibim milmyeon applicable for naengmyeon. The difference between the two is chiefly spicy sauce for bibim milmyeon.


The origin of milmyeon is not clearly found but mainly 3 viewpoints have been told.

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