Mike Hambrick

Mike Hambrick (born in Mount Pleasant, Texas) is an American television anchor, reporter, and correspondent who has worked on network television stations such as WJLA-TV in Washington, DC, WRC-TV in Washington, DC, KTVT-TV in Dallas, KTAR-TV (now KPNX) in Phoenix, WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and WBAL-TV in Baltimore in 1975.[1][2] Hambrick was also a news anchor for WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh where he also served as managing editor. He is an accomplished reporter who has won many awards, including the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for his work on a documentary in 1994 commemorating the 50th anniversary of the D-Day invasion during World War II. Hambrick was the voice of the Howard 100 News as lead anchor until Friday February 14, 2015, on SiriusXM's Howard 100 and Howard 101, part of the Howard Stern Satellite Radio Network.[3]

Early life

Hambrick grew up in Mount Pleasant, Texas, where he began his broadcasting career. At age 15, he worked for his local radio station broadcasting disk jockey. He dropped out of Memphis State College but later got a job with a station located in Wichita Falls, Texas. He then worked other broadcasting jobs in Tulsa, Oklahoma and New Haven, Connecticut.[1]


He is brother to veteran newscasters Judd Hambrick, and John Hambrick, and the uncle of newscaster Jack Hambrick (John's son). Hambrick is married to his wife June who works in real estate sales. Together they have three children. Hambrick is now a grandfather.[1]

Awards and honors

Hambrick has won a number of awards for his work which include:

America's Business News anchor

"America’s Business with Mike Hambrick" was a one-hour weekly news and information program. Hosted by Hambrick, the program dove into the legislative and policy issues that affect Main Street and Wall Street. Guests each week include CEO's, Congressional leaders, and businessmen who are impacted by the issues discussed.



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