Mike Byster

Mike Byster

Mike Byster standing in a library.

Mike in June 2014
Born (1959-03-05) March 5, 1959
Skokie, Illinois
Known for Math abilities
Website www.mikebyster.com

Michael Byster (born March 5, 1959) is an American mathematician, mental calculator and math educator. He worked as a stockbroker until he quit his job and income to devote himself to teaching children his methods. Mike is able to do many arithmetic problems in his head at very fast speeds.[1] During a study done years ago, Byster was claimed to have one of the fastest mathematical minds in the world.[1]


Early life

Byster was raised along with his older sister in the Chicago suburb of Skokie, Illinois. His parents, Gloria and Dave Byster encouraged his math shortcuts at a young age.[1] He went to Niles North High School and then attended University of Illinois graduating with a bachelor's degree in finance in 1981.


Byster used to work at the mercantile exchange, but after his cousin, a math teacher in a Chicago area high school, invited him to show the class his shortcuts for doing base 10 arithmetic, Byster quit his job to devote himself to teaching children his methods.[2] After that, he continued to do shows for free to schools across the country. In December 2003, he released the website Mike's Math, but this was discontinued in 2007.[3] In 2008, Byster produced the Brainetics math and memory system. Byster claims that Brainetics uses both sides of the brain to process and store information, allowing anyone to recall the information at a fast pace.

Media appearances

Mike appeared on ABC's 20/20 in 2007. From 2007 to 2010, he appeared on television shows multiple times. On January 21, 2010, Mike appeared on Oprah Radio's Gayle King show.[4] Mike has appeared on The Shopping Channel in Canada and QVC in the United States multiple times. He appeared on Fox News June 8, 2011. He has also appeared on WGN in July 2011, Good Day New York in August 2011[5] and then Fox News Boston on October 27, 2011. He was on WBEZ's Afternoon Shift on September 27, 2013.[6]

Personal life

Byster got married in the early 1990s and has a son to whom he has taught his methods. He currently resides in the northern suburbs of Chicago.[1]


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