Microtus is a genus of voles found in North America, Europe, and northern Asia. The genus name refers to the small ears of these animals. About 62 species are placed in the genus. They are stout rodents with short ears, legs, and tails. They eat green vegetation such as grasses and sedges in summer, and grains, seeds, roots, and bark at other times. The genus is also called "meadow voles". (ITIS database)

Microtus skulls (Bailey, 1900)
Microtus skull bases (Bailey, 1900)

The species are:

Subgenus Microtus

Subgenus Terricola

Subgenus Mynomes

Subgenus Alexandromys

Subgenus Stenocranius

Subgenus Pitymys

Subgenus Pedomys

Subgenus Hyrcanicola


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