Michael Wynn-Jones

Michael Wynn-Jones (left) with Delia Smith at the 25th anniversary of the "Capital Canaries", 2000

Michael Wynn-Jones is a Welsh-born writer, editor and publisher. He is the joint majority shareholder of Norwich City Football Club, with his wife, Delia Smith.[1][2]

Early life

Wynn-Jones studied at Lancing College and the University of Oxford, and is a writer, editor and publisher.[3][4][5] His father worked as a Church of England vicar in Tivetshall and Redenhall with Harleston, and his mother was a teacher at Diss Grammar School.[6][7] Wynn-Jones married Delia Smith in 1971 in Stowmarket, Suffolk.[3][8][9] Wynn-Jones established New Crane Publishing, which produced some of Smith's books as well as the Sainsbury's magazine, which Wynn-Jones edited.[10][11] In 2005, New Crane Publishing was sold to Seven Publishing for around £7 million; Smith had been working as a consultant for the publishing company.[12][13] Wynn-Jones was the former Deputy Editor of the Daily Mirror, during which time in 1969, Delia Smith became the cookery writer for the magazine.[9][14] In 1972, George Gale appointed Wynn-Jones as Deputy Editor of The Spectator, and he has also worked for the Twentieth Century and Nova magazines.[8][4] Wynn-Jones has also authored many books, including The Cartoon History of Britain, George Cruikshank: His Life and London about George Cruikshank, and 100 Years on the Road: A Social History of the Car.[8][15] In her autobiography, Brigid Keenan thanked Wynn-Jones for asking her to write a column on expats for him in the Sainsbury's magazine.[16]

Norwich City

Wynn-Jones attended his first Norwich City F.C. match in 1953.[6] In 1997, Wynn-Jones became the current joint majority shareholder of Norwich City F.C. with his wife Delia Smith.[3][17][18] In Tales From The City, a series of books about the history of Norwich City F.C. published in 2015, Wynn-Jones says that in 1996 former majority shareholder Geoffrey Watling invited them to make a loan to the club, in exchange for board of directors positions at the club. They later purchased Watling's shares in the club, making them majority shareholders, and in 1998, Wynn-Jones and Smith owned 63% of the club's shares.[19] By 2006, their share in the club had reduced to 57%,[20] and in 2015 their share had reduced again to 53%.[21] In 2013, the pair wrote off £2.1 million of debt that the club owed them, as part of a £23 million reduction in the club's deficit;[22] it has been estimated that Wynn-Jones and Smith have invested around £12 million into the club since 1996.[23] In the 2015–16 season, Wynn-Jones and Smith's estimated worth was reportedly £23 million, the least of any Premier League club owners.[24][25][1] Roy Waller wrote of Wynn-Jones and Smith that they are "crucial to the club's success", as they invested a lot with "very little return"; Waller noted that Wynn-Jones attends every Norwich match, both home and away, and often chose to sit with the fans during matches, rather than being in the directors' box.[26]


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